Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday (presentation to clients day) menu

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BREAKFAST - 5.5carb/300cal
[0][0] 4 oz purified water and lots of ice cubes
[2][10] 2 TBSP unsweetened dark cocoa
[2][180] 2 TBSP peanut butter
[1.5][105] scoop and a half of "Whey to Go" vanilla bean whey protein powder.
[0][0] 1 TBSP DaVinci French Vanilla sugarfree syrup
[0][0] 1 TBSP DaVinci Chocolate sugarfree syrup
[0][0] 1 TBSP DaVinci Hazelnut sugarfree syrup
[0][0] dash of Sea Salt
[0][0] big dash of cayenne pepper
[0][0] big dash of cinnamon
[0][5] 1 pinch of xanthan gum
[0][0] liquid stevia

Lunch - 14.5carb/270cal
[2.5][200] a serving of Dreamfield pasta, soy beans, ground beef, veggie casserole
rounded up pasta-bean casserole ingredients:
[0][800] 1 lb ground beef
[1][180] 2oz cheddar jack
[2][200] 2oz parmesan
[0][18] 3 jalapeño peppers
[5][30] 1/2 cup diced onion
dash of jalapeño pepper sauce
[8][160] 1/2 jar of spaghetti sauce
[3][300] 3oz heavy cream
dash of cayenne pepper
dash of salt
dash of black pepper
dash of cinnamon

[12][70] Key Lime Yo-Plus Light yogurt (wow, so very very yum!!!)

Dinner - 35.5carb/810cal
[14.5][270] probably more of my casserole
[1][90] peanut butter
[20][450] LC ice cream
OMG I way overdid it and it was so easy to put that out of my head for the moment. What's wrong with me? So sad and mad at myself. I think it will be nothing but shakes and yogurt next week and then perhaps I'll revisit induction for a week.

TOTAL 55.5carb/1380cal

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