Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Another day.

The shake and yogurt thing is getting my spirits down, but at least the scale says that I'm a little closer to getting back on track. I usually love my morning shakes but the one I made this morning was the first that I had a hard time finishing ... it just wasn't very good. As much as I'd like to, I've avoided adding peanut butter to my shake yesterday and today. Yesterday's was actually one of the best shakes I've ever made since I did add some sugarfree cherry jello mix to the chocolate Davinci syrup. It tasted VERY much like chocolate-covered cherries (which used to be one of my favorite candies). Today's shake was an unfortunate combination of lemon extract, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, chocolate Davinci and hazelnut Davinci. It was a watery mess of combative flavor reminiscent of mud-puddle water. Blech. Not all of my experiments turn out to be masterpieces.

So I have another day of LC yogurts to "look forward" to today. Since I'm not getting anything solid to eat I'm finding myself drawn to the fruit yogurts, which at least have small bits of fruit incorporated that give me a tiny bit of "chew time".

Cro is going to make us some of his wonderful veggy and beef soup Friday and I know I'll be ready for some good veggy soup after four days of liquids.

Maybe I'm getting sick or maybe I'm just moody because of the "no food, just shakes and yogurt" thing ... but I'm in a super foul mood and feeling achy and just not into life at all today. I also might just be annoyed because I'm wearing glasses today and know that I have four more weeks of no contact lenses before my evaluation. Even if I'm turned down for LASIK, evaluation day will result in happiness. Either I will know the LASIK is a go or I will know that I can ditch the glasses and resume wearing contact lenses.

A recipe that I want to try soon:
Grain-free Primal Apple Cardamom Popover
[8][720] 1 cup almond flour (or almond meal)
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp baking soda
[16][70] 1 apple, peeled, cored, and diced
[0][200] 2 tbs butter
[0][3] ½ tsp ground cardamom (feel free to use less… I like the bold flavor)
½ tsp vanilla extract
[.5][70] 1 egg
[17][64] 1 tbs honey

TOTAL [41.5][1127]
makes four popovers at [10carbs][282calories] each

Feeling a little better after a full morning of OMG emergency design. The team didn't like what an outsource designer had done and the presentation to client for that work is today. They asked if I could look it over and do something to make it better. I did my best without promises. Five hours later and I'm happy with it, the team is much more confident to present it, and I feel like I've saved the day (which is a great feeling!). No, the design isn't what I would have created but it is much less blah now. Where's my cape? :) I want to curl up in it and sleep off this achy sick feeling! Time for another yogurt.

I was just contemplating how I am DIETING this week with the shake and yogurt thing. Dieting rather than practicing a way of life. Dieting sucks, is not how I can spend the rest of my life, does not make me happy, is not a realistic way of living. I have to do shakes and yogurt and nothing else tomorrow and Thursday because I promised myself that I would and I simply won't break those promises). After Thursday I must re-adopt a normal LC way of eating no matter how slow it is.


  1. I bought my 10-year-old daughter some fancy full-fat European yogurt at the store. She had one bite and said "Damn!" I think she meant it, too...

  2. Yikes, I would hate to do a shake/yogurt thing, but then again, I have never been into eating yogurt. "They" always say those last lbs are the hardest, but I wonder why really. Is it because your body has adjusted to your way of eating, or is it just your body saying, "Woah! I like this size"??

  3. Jack - did she mean damn this is good or damn this is gross? :)

    Donna - I'm hating the yogurt thing ... but me strong like wooly mammoth (or some other animal appropriate to the paleo word that would finish the "strong like bull" sentiment). :) I think my body wants to run back to the comfort of the barn (barn-sized dresses, that is). I'm not going to let it even if I have to yogurt myself into submission, which is what I've been doing this week. I'm soooo looking forward to Cro's yummy veggy-beef soup this weekend though!


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