Thursday, October 1, 2009

wassup doc?

I had left a message for my neuro opthamologist (she is my MS doc too) asking for an opinion regarding LASIK and whether I would be allowed to have the procedure given my auto-immune disorder. She called back last night (after hours too! I just love her. :)).

She knows a couple of doctors who do LASIK and will speak to them about me to get their opinions. Apparently things have been changing and having an auto-immune disorder doesn't automatically disqualify someone for the procedure. She didn't want to give a definitive answer until she has a chance to talk with the other doctors (understandably).

I am just so happy that I called her and will wait on this if she comes back with negative information. She did say that the IV solu-medrol treatment that I get about once a year shouldn't effect the decision what-so-ever (yay). The fact that I presented with optic neuritis but haven't had a repeat of that in 8 years will also be considered.

I'm sure if the answer is positive it will still be a maybe until I've been evaluated by the LASIK doc him/or herself, but it will be good to clear it with the MS doc and to have her on my side.

And all of that info is for any others of you who have an auto immune disorder and thought you were disqualified from LASIK. Talk to your docs because there might be better news than you think. Regardless, getting the doc on your side can't hurt (if you have a great doc like I do! :))

In scale news, I love my new scale. I never thought I would love a scale that doesn't 1 ounc increments but I do. :) My weight this morning is 174.2 (down from 174.8 earlier this week).

EGAD! however you spell it. Today is our company's 30th anniversary and though I knew this, I did not know that there was going to be a big lunch provided for us. ... I guess we'll see what I end up with (good choices!). Oh, and I've been with this company for 9 out of those 30 years. Whew, it was plain BBQ pork (no bun for me), and various side dishes which I avoided. And someone (yay !!!) brought strawberries and blueberries. There was also the obligatory cake which although I'd love a piece, I'm very practiced at turning down.


  1. good luck with the doc! hope things go well!

  2. You have to tell all the details about lasik if you get it, I've been wanting to have that done for a couple of years now, but am scared. I saw the procedure on tv one day and it freaked me out.


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