Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wEdNesDay HUMp

I'm another pound closer to being back on track. :) Soon all will be cranking along slowly, but properly again and thank goodness!!! I'm so sick of yogurt. Tomorrow is the last day for forced yogurts and as often happens just before the end I can hear the hum of the motor strengthening as it puts out that little extra effort. Dramatic? :) Maybe, but I like tying things together, wrapping things up well, and all that business.

Knowing me, I'll probably still turn to CarbMaster yogurts now and then but it will be so super nice to know I don't HAVE to. Me and my silly self-promises. I'm happy that I did these four days (one and a half left to go) though. It is certainly tough but I'm happy with the results so far and happy that my terror of gaining everything back is averted for now. I was actually truly terrified when I gained those 3 pounds and saw that they weren't just an easy to shed fluctuation. It felt like the first very difficult test of whether I was going to be able to hang on to my victories or just let them sink into the murk to be fished out in a future hopeful and hard-fought year.

I'm hanging onto them.

I hope I will always be able to win. The determination of my body to get back to its old weight is a bitch! My determination to not let that happen is going to have to be the meaner bitch. :) RAWR

Now for the depressing thought ... if I have a normal LC Friday-Sunday I could still possibly get into the 160's if I do this shake-&-yogurt thing again for 4 days next week. So tempting but I'm so sick of yogurt. Will I or won't I? Jack-sh!t commented that when he is so close he just turns into a bear and barrels through. Maybe I will too.

I don't have to have yogurts Friday through Sunday and that's all I care about right now. I read on "Cake for a Wife"s blog that she will never diet for a specific date again, that it isn't worth it. That prompted my post yesterday about not forcing "dieting" and just going back to my slow progress of a normal LC way of eating. *sigh*

We'll see what next week brings. I won't be making self-promises though. I don't think. :)

Enough talk about weight loss ... you'd think this was a weight-loss blog or something. Hey wait, it is!

A day of work is ahead of me and I'm feeling good. I got my hair cut last night after work and it feels good. I'm not wearing my glasses today (oops) and it feels good. Halloween (my favorite day of the year because it's my day) is almost here and I have two days off at the end of next week and it feels good! I hope you all are having a good HUMp day too.

Practicing my "Meaner Bitch" determined to lose weight look --->

2pm update:
I walked a block to the Dunkin' Donuts near my office (for unsweetened iced tea, not donuts. :)). I DDs large plastic cups and save it to hold my protein shake the next morning. The drive to work goes faster when I drink breakfast on the way there rather than before I head out. Genius! But I'm off the track of my story already.

So I walk there and on the short walk back I see one of my co-workers walking the sidewalk to get something for lunch too. Hiya! Hiya! Wave. Wave. We pass and I take three more steps and trip on a sidewalk crack DOH! and fall on my associative press. Thankfully my co-worker had continued walking and was none the wiser. It was still rather embarrassing though only strangers were witness and came rushing to my aid. Both of my palms are sore from the obligatory grating against concrete that happens when one trips and tries to stop gravity.


  1. Nice meaner bitch look. I'd admit you to the BaB club... BadassBitches :)

  2. Haha! You need to make a blogger badge for that club. :)

  3. ohhh good idea... don't know how to do that though :D


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