Friday, October 2, 2009

Work. Diet. Work.

End of another week. Our company project didn't go live yesterday :( but I think it will launch today. We all worked like mad men and women to meet that self-imposed deadline. A clear case of the cobbler's children having no shoes I suppose.

Yesterday was the company's 30th birthday and I know I mentioned yesterday that I've been a part of the company for 9 of those 30 years. This place has seen a lot of growth over the years and a lot of change has come as we roll with the punches of the bad economy. Funny that we made a greater profit this year than we did last year or the year before that. We've also worked insane hours. The company president gifted us each with a crisp $100 bill and his sincere thank you yesterday. We watched an old presentation video from the company's 5th birthday and got a lot of laughs at how the work and the people looked/sounded back then. Fun. We had a nice lunch together and presented a couple of memory books to the CEO and President filled with personal notes from each employee. Ok, back to work. :)

Flipping channels in my normal wiped-out mode after I got home from work late last night I discovered that the new season of Survivor had begun. WHAT! And I missed the first two episodes. Cro suggested that I check the cable On-Demand listings and YAY, the first episode was there. :) I also noticed that The Biggest Loser episodes are waiting for me On-Demand. I'd better watch those before they vanish. Sucks that I don't have time to watch everything that interests me before they are gone. :/ I don't have time to read the stacks of books gathering dust on my nightstand either. And I haven't logged into WoW for nearly a month. Work Work.

What do I have planned for the weekend? I need to do some more work on Matt's Film Festival website and hopefully spend the rest of the weekend recharging my personal batteries in expectation of another crazy work week to come. Cro and I might go to see 9. I've heard very good reviews about that flick.

I spoke with both dad and mom over the phone yesterday. Dad is doing so much better! He did overdo it working to fix mom's lawn mower though. That man just doesn't know his limits. He says he'll be paying for it for the next few days but thankfully it's just sore muscles.

Mom says she is going to try "the yogurt diet" that a couple of my aunts have recently embarked upon. My mom is slim and healthy but she gained 5 pounds last week from eating one and a half homemade pies all by herself. lol. They must have been very good (well she made them so I'm sure they were great). Because of the pie incident she is determined to try this yogurt thing. Oddly I'm the one thinking FAD DIET ... isn't that something that a mom should worry about for her daughter, not the other way around? I'm not the kind of person to drone on about my way of eating to other people (well, other non-blogger people ... talking about weight loss is what you guys are here for afterall). Mom knows what works for me, has seen my great results, but doesn't think she can commit to low carb. I hope she and my aunts have good luck with whatever they choose to do.


  1. When you stop and think about it, it makes some sense for companies to profit more during downtimes. When times are good, you don't generally fret over expenses or personnel like you do when things get a little tighter. We're seeing a little uptick these days; hope you guys are having similar luck.

  2. Howdy, Oct. I hope you get the chance to recharge this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that same opportunity. Not sure if it will happen though.

    Good news about papa Oct. :) A busy dad is a happy dad. At least that's been my experience.

    Will look forward to your review of 9 and an update about the yogurt diet. It just might work - calcium rich foods and probiotics *may* help pummel the pounds.

    My best to you and Cro!

  3. Jack - maybe things are starting to turn around for everyone? Or maybe those of us in advertising are just profiting off of the misfortune of others. :(

    JP - Dad is much happier when he is working on something. If we see 9 I'll let you know what we thought. And I'll let you know about mom's experience with the yogurt diet. One of my aunts has been doing it for a week and has lost 20 pounds (which makes me wonder if it's dehydrating her).


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