Friday, October 9, 2009

World Egg Day

Today is World Egg Day ... eat an egg to celebrate. :)

I don't know how the end of the week got here, but I'm not arguing with it. I'm happy to greet Friday and will be even more happy when I see the door hit Friday's backside. Goodbye another work week.

After having such a huge stomach ache after lunch yesterday I had to wonder what caused it. I had jalapeƱo peppers which were nice and spicy spicy hot. I enjoyed them more than anything else in my salad, but the rest was quite yummy too. Philly steak, mushrooms, a slice of swiss, a small dollup of sour cream, spinach leaves. Yum yum yum. But sudden and intense pain about 20 minutes later. Huh?

Spicy foods don't really effect me. I love them. But of course the first thing I wondered was if my reign over spicy things had finally come to an end. My birthday is at the end of this month. Am I finally getting *no no no* old? But then I remembered that I had jalapeƱos just a few days ago at our company lunch party. They didn't bother me then. They have never bothered me before and I just can't imagine that was it. Cro suggested that perhaps the sour cream was bad. :/ It didn't taste off ... it tasted good. Cro said that sour cream can be off but still taste fine. Okay ... maybe it was the sour cream. It was a violent stomach ache so it had to have been something. I don't know. Lactose has bothered me in the past, but not like that. I guess it will remain a mystery. Maybe I'll eat that type of salad for lunch again today and see if it hurts my stomach. I'm brave (and stupid) like that in my quests to discover answers. :P

Traditionally I've allowed Saturday to be my "up-it day". Meaning that I eat very little all week but allow my carbs and calories to be a little greater on that one day. I'm so close to being in the 160's though. Maybe I should continue starving this weekend so that I can see the 160's on my scale by end of next week. I want so badly to be in the 160's soon. By my birthday would be awesome. Should I feck with my routine to force it there faster or should I hold the course knowing that it's slow but at least sloooowww and steady? Someone give me a pep talk. I need to know you guys are there. I've done well in the past year and a half but it's still difficult. I know it always will be.


  1. Sorry about the tummy ache... Sometimes, I think when I don't get enough fiber, I have that problem...

    You are right about one thing... it always will be difficult... but it always will be SO worth it, too!

  2. I'm a bear when I'm pushing up against borders like you are right now. It drives me absolutely nuts to be that close... forces me to make a big push and get over that hump.

  3. Yes! we are here, cheering you on!
    YAY! from cyber -space....
    World egg day, eh?
    Who knew?

  4. Angie - yes, I believe it is very worth it. Most difficult things that we make ourselves to are worth the effort. This bad boy requires unending effort though. I was reminded of that everytime I speak to my 65-year-old mom ... who works out and watches what she eats to this day, and never plans to stop. She finds joy in it though. That's good news. :)

    Jack - I'll think of you as the bear this weekend. Maybe I'll will bring out the were-oct in me too.

    anne - thank you for the cheers! Give me an "E" ... give me a "G" ... give me another "G" ... what does it spell? ... "EGG" ... Louder! "EGG!" I think next week is going to involve more egg fasting again. I'd have one for lunch if I'd brought one. :)

  5. wait a sec, how can sour cream go bad, isnt' it already bad? WTG on weightloss!

  6. I really think it's about finding joy in everything.... I think your mom has it down.


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