Monday, October 19, 2009

YOGURT day one

I worked from home this morning while the furnace service guy did his thing. It seemed sort of like a little holiday in some respects and ultra-anxiety in other respects. That's because if there is something remotely deserving of worry, I will worry excessively. I'm just hardwired like that.

So I worried about having to work from home and not wanting to leave the team in the lurch if they needed something on the usual emergency "putting-out-fires" basis. Then I worried that I didn't forward wireframes to myself for a site that I was going to concept. Then I worried that the service person might not get there until the last moment of his window and therefore I would have to work from home for longer than I planned for. Then I worried about parking since I share a tandem spot and I normally have the inside spot.

The service guy got to my house early, my tandem space buddy emailed to let me know that she was happy to take the inside spot today, and no clients had emergencies.

All my anxiety was for nothing ... as usual. :) And now I'm at work wondering what the big deal was.

Today is the first of four days of shakes and yogurt (and nothing else). My stomach is growling. GOOD.

Oh, I financed my LASIK and plan to schedule the actual procedure for Dec 7 or Dec 14. They only do surgery on Monday and I didn't want it to be too close to the day I'm taking off work for the evaluation nor too close to Thanksgiving holiday (which is at the end of a week) nor too close to Christmas holiday. I suppose the 7th or the 14th are my best options. If I'm turned down on evaluation day I've been assured that they will cancel the surgery day with no charge to me. So, there is no reason not to get it scheduled and let work know the dates so we can plan projects around my time off.

Here is the plan for now:
Nov 16th - two LASIK evaluations scheduled (take entire day off work)
Dec 7 (Monday at 1pm I am scheduled for surgery ... I may take the entire week as vacation if they decide I need PRK rather than straight LASIK)
Dec 8 (Tuesday at 8am I am scheduled for the first follow-up appointment)

I will either need two days off for the surgery or three, depending on which style of surgery they decide to go with. I'm hoping it's the easier two-day off style of course. :)

I'm super excited and hope I pass evaluation day. Having it all financed is also awesome. 24 months with no interest. I wouldn't be able to do it this year otherwise.


  1. I think women are worriers in general--always needing to make sure everything is okay for everyone else and forgetting to be good to themselves.

    It’s great that you were able to arrange financing for your surgery! :-)

  2. Thanks Susan ... you are right, I worry about everything and everyone and about myself last if even at all. I hope the LASIK evaluation goes well and that I get the all clear to get it done. :)


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