Friday, November 20, 2009

B to the itchy me

I <3 Survivor!

I disliked Russel from the start and yet his awesome game play has won me over. He has found the idol 4 times now? He's found them all except the one that Erik had in his pocket, unplayed, when he got voted off. Russel played his first idol unnecessarily, played his second idol and it saved his ass, and held on to the third one because he guessed correctly that he wouldn't need it. So I guess he's found it 3 times, not 4. Still ... that's amazing! And even though he is super nasty I admire him more and more each week.

Thankfully I had set the DVR to record it because I decided to open the mail just before it started. Cro got a letter marked "Urgent Action Required" from our bank so that piqued my interest and I passed it over to him to open. Turns out that it was a demand for Cro's employer information tied to a threat of closing his account if they didn't get a reply by Dec something. That miffed me and I called the 800 number provided. Honestly I thought it was a scam because 12-year-olds can open checking accounts and they certainly don't have employer information. I spoke to the lady that answered and let her know that Cro opened the account without having an employer. "That's fine." she said and then asked if he was available to confirm that information. I handed him the phone saying "Tell her you didn't have an employer when you opened the account."

He told her that and next thing I know he told her his ss# and the name of his current employer. o.O

That freaked me out because I was certain that it was a phishing scam. :( He thought by my handing him the phone that I was certain who she was and that she was to be trusted. What a scary next few minutes as I looked up the bank's phone number online and found that they answered calls until 10pm (yay), called them and told them that I thought we might have just fell prey to a phishing scam. I read the letter to her and at first she said that it doesn't sound like anything the bank would do. *aaack!* A couple of minutes later she said "Wait, we have been sending out that letter because the government now requires the information to be collected."


Now, fear abated but WTH? The government is now requiring to have employer information for all bank accounts? I'm sorry but that rubs me very wrong. What right do they have to require people's bank accounts be closed if they haven't provided this info?

Maybe I'm just paranoid but I feel that is a little too much intrusion.

Maybe I'm bitchy. :(


  1. Russell has converted me to. I couldn't stand the guy for several weeks. Well I did like those blue eyes, but now I hope he goes all the way. I have never seen somebody play with his style. Sambo sure is looking good, I even sorta like her. The best darn season ever.

  2. I like Shambo too! :) The coolest would be if it came down to her and Russel and she ends up winning.


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