Friday, November 20, 2009

B to the reak-in

When I went to get an iced tea from the Dunkin Donuts across the street at noonish today there was a camera guy and a news reporter filming on the sidewalk. I walked past them, got my iced tea, then walked back to the office. As I passed the camera guy I waved to the camera and silently mouthed "hi mom" ... which cracked the camera guy up and he waved back to me laughing.

When I got back to the office I mentioned about the news crew and found out that they were reporting about a robbery that happened at the Dunkin Donuts early this morning. I had no idea. Here is a link to the robbery story if you are interested. I guess they forced two employees into the basement and made them take off their pants, stole the money and fled. Wow.

Anyway, I might be on channel 13 news saying "hi mom" lol. Oh, and the guy who served me my iced tea had pants so I guess he wasn't one of the robbees.


  1. *phone ringing*
    Yes, is this the DD robbery tip hotline?
    Yes, do you have information about this crime?
    Yes, I think my blog friend may have been on a carb binge but changed her mind mid donut heist. If no charges will be filed I can have her hand over the pants.

    I watched the videos didn't see you :(

    I wonder how high their sugar buzz was that the robbers forgot to take the money?

  2. lol ... I was bummed that I didn't make the cut too. Now we are all laughing at the office because one girl said that when she was a kid she heard about just such a robbery and always made sure to wear nice underpants just in case it ever happened to her. Another guy here said he just took his underpants off and hid them so they wouldn't get his. lololol

  3. lol...funny story. Sorry your "Hi Mom" didn't make it on the air.

  4. Char - mom is disappointed too. I feel bad that they went through that, but it IS funny since no one was hurt.


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