Sunday, November 15, 2009


Tomorrow is my LASIK consultation and evaluation. I'm both excited and scared. Scared they will say no AND scared they will say yes. :P


  1. I hope it goes well tomorrow, Oct. By that, I mean that you'll get the answer you truly want and what will be best for you. :)

    I'll check back to see what the peeper docs have to say.

  2. Either way you will look good with or without glasses :) I am lucky that I have good eyesight for another ten years.. I will have to have reading glasses because I won't be able to read anything with in 25 inches of my nose..hehe

  3. JP - I got the answer I was most hoping for. And hopefully after that grueling day of eye tests the doc knows that it is best for me too.

    LC - aww, thank you. :) I think most everyone need readers before the end of their 40s ... I've been told that LASIK will hasten that for me so I might need them much earlier than most. I'm hoping to trade needing readers sooner for being blessed with great vision outside of reading distance.


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