Thursday, November 19, 2009

Eye yi yi

I got to work WAY early and spent the early early day browsing LASIK information. I've got pre-surgery jitters 3 weeks before surgery.

That's typical me. Anxiety + Exited = Anxited! I'm very anxited. :P

*update ... what a boring day.
I called my regular eye doctor to let him know my plans of getting LASIK and to ask his opinion of the surgeon that my MS doc set me up with. I figure that even though I haven't seen the regular eye doc in ages it would be a good time to get his trusted opinion (I really like and respect this guy) and to bring him in on the goings-on before they go on. I'd also like his opinion on the procedure itself and perhaps to have a regular eye exam before and after. It will *HOPEFULLY* be cool to see the vision change actually documented by him and to have him aware of the situation in case I need him. LASIK isn't a promise of perfect vision and even if all goes very well I may still need anti-glare driving glasses or reading glasses as some point. I hope all goes perfectly. *jitter jitter*

Anyway, regular eye doctor is out today but the receptionist assured that she would pass along my message and he would call me to discuss things tomorrow.

*more updates
Do any of you have well water? I do and although I enjoy not having to pay a city-water bill, it sucks when the water softener salt runs out and my clothes get rust stained. >.< Since I've shrunk lots I find all of my clothes to be precious to me. They aren't expensive clothes but still. Growl. I don't like seeing something that isn't very old ruined. Ruined! (Why is Stevie from Family Guy talking in my head?) RewEENED!

*even more updates
I haven't started Christmas shopping yet. AAAACK. Time is hurtling by and I'm so preoccupied with the eye surgery that nothing much else has been on my mind.


*some more
must. buy. canned pumpkin!


  1. I'm also completely ANXITED for you!! So excited you were approved!!


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