Thursday, November 12, 2009

happy work work

Loads to do on the emergency project today. I was only able to work on it after taking care of several small project updates that couldn't wait for some reason ... but got a good start on it yesterday.

Trying not to be too secretive but also not spilling any company beans I'll just say that it's a website homepage design for a company who's target audience is youth/teens age 12-17 ... so it has to appeal to the MySpace generation. :) Sort of fun to cater to that audience. It's a completely different look from what I normally do for big business b2b corporations, b2c product and experience focused sites, hospitals, universities, and all that.

So, not much time for a blog update but I wanted to share some love before I immerse myself in work.

Is anyone watching the "V" remake? I caught the pilot online a few days ago and think it was very good. I remember the original miniseries in the early 80's. It both fascinated and disturbed me (but I was a fragile kid). I also had a crush on one of the lead alient-lizard people. I think that's where the disturbed factor came into play. He's really a lizard! Very sleestak-like in fact! But more insidious.

My weight is stuck on "gained a little over that birthday week and not giving it up" right now. Ah well. I'm not completely unhappy with how I look so I just have to keep on keeping on and it will either start dropping when it's ready or maybe I will need to join a gym and pay for a trainer's help (really can't afford that though). *sigh* The main thing at this point is that I'm eating less carbs (trying to keep it under 30 per day). Less carbs is good for my MS as well as so many other things. I'm feeling good and while not keeping strict tabs on my daily calories, I am certainly being very strict with portion control.

Okay, must work! Oh, and LASIK consult in 5 days!


  1. It's fun to work on projects that are outside the norm, I find. Just the change of pace adds a breath of fresh air.

    "Keep on keeping on." There's nothing fun or sexy about that, is there? However, it's the recipe for ongoing success on this journey, and I'm right there with you.

  2. fun but sooooo frazzled! It's a big deal on a short timeline.

    Thanks for the sweet post.


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