Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Purrfectly Usual Day

I emailed Cro yesterday with the kitten idea (I normally send him an email every day so that we can have that brief moment of contact during a break from work ... I enjoy it :).

I let him know my thoughts on starting our kitten adoption search early with plans to move forward with it when Buddy cat turns 15. Since I know he wants to adopt an f4 or f5 Savannah it is important to research before we take that step. Savannahs are a result of crossbreeding an African wild Serval with a domestic. Cro is very familiar with keeping wild felines (he had two tigers in an ourdoor enclosure, he worked for a wild animal rescue, and he even had a lynx as a house pet) but this will be a first for me. At least with an f4 or f5 Savannah it will have a good dose of domestic characteristics bred in. Still, I know it will require a lot of learning before I'm ready to be a part-wild kitty mommy.

Anyway, back to my original topic, Cro was rather excited that I'd chosen a timeframe for adoption and he spent a good amount of time yesterday evening browsing Savannahs online. He knows that I am leaving the choice up to him but that my preferences are important too since we will both be living with this animal for the rest of it's long long life. I definitely want a boy cat but my other preferences (such as the color) are superficial. I don't think our new baby should be chosen primarily for his coloring. There are lots more important things to consider than just how he looks. That said, I think black kitties are the sweetest. Orange wouldn't be bad either. :)


Yesterday I had a new emergency project handed over to my development and care (haha, I still am in the new kitten mind-frame). We are pitching work that requires me to do a website design on spec with little information. Oh stress, oh fun (I like the challenge but OH STRESS!). It will be presented Monday so I have very little time. Wish me luck!


And in other news, today is my ex's birthday. I feel a little odd every year when I email or facebook him "happy birthday" since he doesn't acknowledge mine. I really don't want to be an annoyance in his life ... perhaps I should let this be the last year that I wish him happy birthday. However minimal and genuine my well-wish has been it is still an intrusion I suppose. I can still wish him happy birthday in the quiet of my head. I shouldn't let life worry me like this.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I forgot my ex's birthday recently and I'm still a little sad that I can't remember the exact day. It made me feel a little less close to him, if that makes any sense. Sometimes, our minds mess with us in a bad way. You just gotta get out that bad bitch inside of you - the one who can take on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING - and smile at the good times you did spend together.


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