Wednesday, November 4, 2009

imperfect days

My presentation went very well and "presenting at the client's house" *eek* ... turned out to be "presenting in the client's home office" *which was very nice!* No changes to the design and I just have to complete an inside page design and perhaps (not determined yet) help the agency who will finish the development with image optimization and provide a style guide for them.

I'm still a very shy person but I think I'm getting very good at hiding that, putting on the brave face and presenting with confidence. I'm even prepared (but dread!) for circumstance where the work might not be loved and to glean information that I can later use to tweak things to meet (and of course to exceed) client satisfaction. Losing so much weight has definitely done wonders for my confidence.

I have loads and loads more work to do this week. That is good though, being bored sucks lots more than being busy does.

I'm feeling achy and felt a bit nauseated this morning so I really hope the bug that has had Cro under the weather for two weeks or the bug that has been taking out my co-workers one by one isn't trying to get ahold of me. I resist!!! I'm too busy to be sick and I don't like being sick so I RESIST!! There, I used two exclamation marks and all caps so it knows I mean it. :)

Nothing much going on yet other than I really HATE!! wearing glasses and it seems that my vision is worse with them than when I wear my contact lenses. This was most noticeable to me as I drove to the client meeting yesterday afternoon. The client lives in a busy area of town which I'm not super familiar with. I couldn't read the street signs until I was right up on them (and it was a 55mph+ busy street). I missed one turn but was able to compensate by going further down and catching the change that I needed, and then I missed the client's house and had to turn around on a side street to get there. I wasn't late but that was a very stressful drive. Thirty minutes of squinting and anxiety.

I worked from home for the last hour and a half of the day rather than driving 30 minutes to get back downtown and then leaving for home an hour and a half later.

Long story but I'm leading up to the "ice cream incident" which I want to address.

I was feeling on edge, nauseous (am I getting sick??) and just plain bad when I got home. Excuses. I thought eating something would help, and it did. But I ate 20 carbs worth of LC ice cream when I should have called it done at 8-carbs worth. So yeah, I'm feeling low about that and even though I know it theoretically wasn't a bad day for the diet, it wasn't a good day nor what I wanted either. Rather than sweeping it under the rug I need to call it to attention because that is the only way to keep this blog relevant to myself in the future. Not all days are going to be days that I'm proud of, but I shouldn't ever hide the imperfect days.


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  2. Thanks anne ... I almost never get sick. I think it's that I have an overactive immune system (MS even attacks my own cells). Poor Cro is sick lots and it always hangs on to him for a lot longer than other people. I surmise that he just isn't acclimated to the more northern climate of Indiana (compared to Georgia) yet.


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