Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The (LASIK) Results Show

*cue dramatic music*

No one is being sent home! ... okay, that was a silly reality television vote-off reference. But my reality is ... APPROVED!

It was a very long and grueling day. I had both the consultation and the evaluation appointments scheduled on the same day (yesterday) so that I would only need to take one day off work to get the deciding over with.

This meant that I went in early in the day, had a sit in the waiting room, finally got called in and was subjected to a barrage of questions and eye tests which actually left me feeling like I was sure to be turned down by the end of it. The questions ranged from why do you want to do this? to extensive family medical history questions. I had to strain my brain to remember such details as exactly what date I was diagnosed with MS (well that was an easy one to remember ... about as burned into my brain as sharply as the details of 9-11. Who in the family had what ailment and when, details of my visual history meant to determine if my eyes had changed too rapidly in the last several years (they have not) ... how I got the scar on my right cornea (which I didn't even know was there), whether my MS started with optic neuritic in only one eye or both (I couldn't remember, but I think both but one more than the other?). And then the actual eye exam ... the most lengthy eye exam I've ever had.

The nurse left me feeling like it was going to be a "no" due to the fact that she couldn't get me to correct to 20/20 with her machine and lenses and due to the fact that my glasses are so old and out of date that their prescription is about half of what my eyes actually need. I explained that my contact lenses are actually much stronger than the glasses and that is when she worried how quickly my eyes were changing.

So the first appointment ended and I went home for an hour, searched my house for old contact lens boxes and name/address/prescription info from my last eye doctors (I've had two over the last 10ish years) and while I was looking around for stuff I remembered that my eye had hurt like hell several weeks ago and that I had actually forgotten about it once it stopped hurting. I had even told Cro that I thought I had a scratch on my eyeball because it hurt so much at that time. Blows my mind that I had completely forgotten about it once it stopped hurting. I still don't know how it got scratched though.

Anyway, second appointment was at 3 and lasted until 6:30pm. At one point the nurse said "you are getting tired aren't you?" Heck yeah I was. I've never had an eye exam last that long and I was fatigued by trying so hard to decipher blurry letters and numbers projected on the wall that I was actually getting a bit pissy about the numbers. Why stick numbers in there? I was struggling to make letters out of those blobs and find out they were actually letters. pfft. I wasn't pissy to the nurse and doctor but I know my fatigue was starting to show.

My current contact lenses are the correct prescription for what I need and I was able to document that my prescription has been the same year after year for well over 3 years. I can't remember how old these glasses are but I guess then at about 8 years old. They got my records from my main-dude eye-doctor and were satisfied that my eyes are not rapidly changing like they feared.

To my delight and fear they approved the surgery. Wow, what a day of ups and downs and intense squinting. lol

So now I'm on the LASIK train and only have to worry about all the low-percentage possibilities of something going wrong ... but that's because I'm a worrier. As much testing as they put me through I have great faith that I've gone to the right place. That and the fact that they have communicated directly with my MS doctor fills me with confidence.

Only three more weeks in glasses. So excited!


  1. Yay! Stay positive, expect the best and keep your eyes on the prize! :-)

  2. Phew! I can finally uncross my eyes.

    Congrats. That's outstanding news.

  3. You guys are both so silly. *^_^* I like it.


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