Tuesday, November 10, 2009

lol cats

Oh what to blog about, what to blog about.

Here, I'll get the usual day-to-day stuff out of the way:
• lots of work to do today. have to complete a project for client presentation tomorrow (have already presented the initial design so this is just inside page design and won't require an in-person presentation.
• 6 days until LASIK consultation!
• Cro has an ear infection now :( but read last night that vinegar poured into the ear might help ... it did help quite a bit!
• haven't talked to mom and dad since last time I mentioned it. assume they are still doing just fine and living the pleasant country-life

Cro and I watched (well I watched and he was playing WoW in the same room so his attention was split between tv and game) a show about cats Sunday evening which featured a Bombay. I think our buddy cat may have some Bombay in him. That is funny to say because I know that Bombay cats come from a mix between American Shorthair and Burmese ... so it's a mut (that became an accepted breed) to begin with. What struck me was how similar Buddy is in look and characteristic with those I saw on the program, as well as to what I've read online since. Also that one of the Bombay cats on the program was adopted from a shelter ... and Buddy was adopted from a shelter. Who knows, he might have Bombay cats in his line. :) So how is he similar?

Top photo is a blurry pic of our Buddy cat.
Bottom pic is of a Bombay who looks just like Buddy.

Buddy cat shares these Bombay traits:
• Short black fur to the roots
• Black foot pads
• Round, medium sized head (not short but not angular and pointy either ... more square-faced)
• Faded green eyes (I guess most Bombay cats have copper penny colored eyes but faded green is also seen
• muscular frame and "heavy" but not fat
• very vocal with a distinctive voice, but not as vocally annoying as a siamese
• very intelligent and affectionate and loves to play games and learn tricks - I'm also sure that he understands some of the things we say on regular basis such as "that's all", "get down", "go to your bed", and "no" ... lol
• heat-seeker (requests to be under the blankets with us)
• strong appetite
• reached sexual maturity at an early age ... which is why I had him neutered soon after he was 5 months old (he tried to make kittens of his own with his adopted sister at 5 months old o.O)

And all of that means nothing other than I really love our buddy cat. He'll be 14 in May. The television program reported that average life expectancy is 13-15 years. :( Buddy doesn't look like he is in any danger of dying from old age anytime soon (yay), but I have been thinking/preparing myself. How can I not when I know he is almost 14.

We are very comfortable being parents to a single cat but I think we should prepare to adopt a kitten before Buddy cat is gone. I think having Buddy cat around would be easier on the kitten and I like the thought of him knowing and being an influence on the kitten way before his own life comes to an end. It also makes sense considering that both Cro and I work full-time. A new kitten would be very lonely by himself during our work hours. Buddy cat would be good company and keep him out of trouble (like a grandpa) while we are away during the day.

The plan is to wait until buddy cat is 15 before we adopt a buddy jr though. I plan way ahead don't I? :) That's just my personality.


  1. I hope Buddy lives much longer...he certainly looks to be in good health.

  2. I hope so too! The only age related thing I've noticed with him is a periodically weepy eye. Maybe he just has kitty-version allergies though since it isn't all the time. He still acts like a cat in his prime.

  3. Buddy is a handsome cat, Sadekat rubbed the monitor when I showed her his picture :P

  4. Howdy, Oct!

    I'm a major cat lover too. Always have been. Sadly, Mad's severely allergic. We used to care for a stray cat though. It's a long, sad story ... skipping it!

    I hope Buddy shatters every known Bombay life expectancy record. I'm sure he's living a grand life with you and Cro. A nice place for a cat to be, no doubt.

    My brain's fried but I wanted to at least stop by for a quick shout out. I hope Cro feels 100% soon and that the rest of the week treats you all kindly.

    Please take care!

    PS - Did you happen to see the column I wrote about reflexology and MS? It might be a good excuse to get a regular foot massage from Cro. :)

  5. SheZug - Buddy-cat blushed when I told him of Sadekat's compliment.

    JP - Thanks! I hadn't read that article, in fact I've missed quite a few of them. For some reason HealthyFellow was not longer in my blog roll so I wasn't getting updates. Fixed and I read it ... great article! Useful info for all of us who could use a little stress relief too. I think Buddy-cat will shatter the life-expectancy records. He certainly doesn't act aged at all. I'm happy that you stopped by and commented. It's always so awesome to hear from you and Mad. I hope you are both doing well.


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