Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday aftermath

It's a back-to-work-Monday ... day after the bday holiday. Funny, I anticipated this day even before my 4-day weekend, knowing that the 4-day weekend would go by just as quickly as a regular weekend. It did and now it's over. Ah well, I like my life so no complaints.

The birthday weekend went like this: two days of idle alone time since Cro had to work. He gave me my birthday gift early because he wasn't certain that I would like the chain. We did then make plans to get a more delicate chain for the pendant he had made. The chain he bought was beautiful and yet a rather hefty chain that I wouldn't want to wear every day. I offered to run to the jeweler alone to get an "everyday" more delicate chain but he wouldn't have it that way, he wanted to be there. That made me feel special, that he wanted to be involved. Thanks honey.

We picked out a silver snake chain and the jeweler will be cutting it down to 17.5 inches (from 20 inches which I felt was too long). They will also be changing out the clasp and adding a jump ring for the pendant. It will be ready this coming Saturday. Yay.

Tonight Matt is taking me to see Where the Wild Things Are and I can't wait. He took a day off Friday but ended up working the whole day on a freelance project. Ah, the life of an art director. Matt does mostly print design while I do mostly web, but we are both in advertising so it's a very similar experience.

The office kitchen is filled with remnants of everyone's halloween celebrations. So plates of candy, an awesome painted pumpkin, a bag of enamel paints and a bag of quilting goods (maybe for someone's costume?). I claimed the paints. Hey, I can't have candies so I might as well get something I will make use of. :)

Today begins my return to beginnings of LC. That just means I will take cues from a year ago as I plan my meals and I will focus on keeping my carbs under 30 each day rather than worrying so much about calories. I know that the calories will naturally stay low as I put into action all that I have learned in the last year and a half. I know not to eat until I'm stuffed. I know which foods are high calorie and should be eaten sparingly even though they are very low carb. I know all of this but it feels like a re-commitment to the LC life (it feels like a fresh start and new beginning or more accurately, it feels like renewing the vows).

Happy Halloween-aftermath everyone. I hope it was a good one!

Oh ... For Your Entertainment! ♥


  1. SO glad you had an awesome birthday :)

    Can you tell me what Cro's full name is? (I am assuming that Cro is a nickname? I'm dying to know! (I love names!)

  2. Haha. His given name is William, but he's been "Cro" since he was 15. Cro is short for the latin word for rattlesnake, which drove his fascination to the point of getting his degree in zoology later on. :)

  3. btw, he hates the name William, but accepts when family and co-workers call him Bill if they insist. :P

  4. Ahh! Thats awesome! :-) Thank you for telling me!
    Everytime you write it, I think of this time when Joel and I were at the farmstand, and there were two roosters. I named one Tapioca Pete, and Joel named the other CroDaniel. (Don't ask, I have NO idea where he came up with it)

    So when I see "Cro" I think Croooooooowwww-Daniel.

    I love cool nicknames!

  5. It's amazing how a four-day weekend just feels like an ordinary weekend, isn't it? Welcome back to the trenches...

  6. I love the renewal of the vows sort of thing... It just seems like a time of change....

    YAY for getting back to basics... Oh, and I love love love hot dogs with diced onions! Diced onions are so amazing.

  7. anne - I like it. :) Still odd to me that a 15 year old's buddies would call him a latin nickname, but I guess he might have gone to a more sophisticated high school than I did.

    Chai - CroDaniel ... lol. I'll have to tell him that.

    Jack - anytime set aside for fun always blows by like it was a memory waiting to happen!

    LCD - I thought the renewing of the vows concept was clever. :) Thanks.


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