Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Crudy Monday (in a U2 melody)

Today is starting off belligerently ... meaning that everything seems to want to fight me. lol, the computer alarm clock went off right in the middle of that sentence, making me have to wait to finish it. See? Belligerent day! I'm on Cro's computer because my own decided that it no longer felt like working. I'm shaking it off because today is my LASIK consultation and evaluation to see if I'm a candidate to have it done. Whatever the answer, I'm not going to be upset. If it's a yes I'll be both excited and worried. If it's a no, I'll have an extra 3k cash moneys in my savings ... which is always good.

I guess the day isn't total crap because I checked my work email and got more compliments on the emergency design which the team will be using as part of their RFP today. I hope they win the work!

Okay crudy Monday, it's time to brighten up and stop raining (it actually IS raining btw
). I'm too happy to let little things drag down my mood. :)


  1. So excited for your LASIK consultation! Be sure to keep us posted. I love how you are looking at it as a win/win.

  2. Good luck with the LASIK consultation. I've got my eyes crossed for ya. ;)

  3. May your Monday Crudy Monday turn into a Beautiful Day ... don't let it get away. :)

  4. I can't wait to hear the lasik verdict.... waiting impatiently....

  5. Thanks everyone! :) lol at JP continuing in the U2 theme. It was a beautiful day by the time it was over ... I was approved! So excited and full of anxiety now ... but mostly excited.


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