Thursday, November 5, 2009

the mundane and the profound

It's sort of a blah Thursday. I got lots done at work yesterday and have lots more to do today, but nothing super-stressful so I guess I'm on an anti-high from lack of stress. Odd, eh?

We have our monthly company-wide meeting in half an hour. It's always fun to see everyone packed into one conference room (everyone who works out of the Indy office, that is) and to have the other office and a few satellite people who live out of state but who are still very very present in our day-to-day work allllll joining us via conference call. The company pitched to a very big account yesterday so I'm sure that will be the star topic of discussion. It was a very cool pitch, I wish I could share it with you guys! Darn company secrets. :)

*after meeting update
I was praised for designing two projects that were well-received by clients recently as well as for the big company project that did finally launch from development. I got another little nerf-bungee rocket as trophies for being part of the team involved in a successfully launched site. Fun. :) Yay.

I have one more meeting this afternoon ... again internal so not anything to stress over. It should be interesting though since it involves ongoing strategy for our SEO and Email Marketing teams (I'm a part of both).

Other than boring (to you guys) work talk, I'm still feeling a little under the weather but judging from things so far I don't think it's going to turn nasty. Just feel icky enough that it has taken some of the shine off of my exterior. :) I'll be bright and radiant again in a few days I'm sure. Cro is nearly nearly over his bug. I asked him last night if he was 100% and he said not quite, but almost. His bad cough is nearly gone.

Dad was back in the hospital super early yesterday morning but was home again and feeling good by the end of the day. He has been suffering from a virus of some sort, compromising his breathing and putting the domino effect in action with the rest of his fragile system. By the time he got back home last night his lungs where clear, he was breathing great, he had more confirmation that his heart is good, and he just felt lots better. Yay dad. :)

Mom let me know that another one of her four remaining sisters is likely to die in a few months though. :( My aunt Jane confirmed to mom that she has breast cancer that is now stage 4 (I guess that is pretty far gone). The cancer is now throughout her entire body and in her bone marrow. Mom did say that aunt Jane isn't sad. That she feels that she has lived a great and full life (she's only in her 70s though) and has no regrets of things still undone. She is ready to go when the time comes and only hopes that she lives to see her granddaughter's birthday in December (and is fairly certain that she will live that long). I've never experienced someone who is just so very accepting of "the end" and is so happy that when it comes she will go with a smile. So, if you want to say a prayer, aunt Jane just asks to pray that she doesn't suffer and that she will be allowed to go peacefully. I am praying for that as well as for her to get her wish of living to enjoy the granddaughter's upcoming birthday in December. I love you aunt Jane.

Sorry for the down note but please just think of it as a beautiful confirmation of living a life to it's fullest and ending without regret. I'm not crying for aunt Jane. I did however cry last night as it struck me that I'll be saying goodbye to my own mom at some point (not soon!!!!!).

Celery Cheese Soup
I must try this ... soon!


1 head of celery
1 onion, chopped
2 or more T of butter or ghee
1 quart of meat stock (I used chicken)
1 cup grated cheese
salt and pepper to taste


Saute the onions in the butter for 5 minutes or so, until they soften, but don't let them brown!

Clean and chop the celery, including the leaves. You may want to save a few leaves for garnish. Add the celery to the onions and stir. Then cover, and cook on low for about 10 minutes.

Add the stock and let it simmer, covered, for about 30 minutes, until the celery is very soft.

Add the cheese and puree with a hand blender. A regular blender or food processor will also work but will be so much more work to clean.


  1. We just won a pretty sizeable pitch, too. It's a great feeling, isn't it?

    Sorry you've got a little funk, but hope you kick out of it soon. Best of luck to the rest of your family, too.

  2. Congrats Jack! It is a very good feeling to win opportunity. :) Thanks for the well wishes, I think I've actually kicked it already. Feeling just fine again today. Woot for my super immune system.


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