Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My eyes remained highly dilated all day yesterday but are finally going back to more normal size today. It is freaky to look closely in the mirror and see hugely dilated eyes. I actually started to worry about it yesterday, thinking that they should have gone back to normal only hours after the LASIK appointment was over. So ... I googled the question about why they remained dilated for so long and read conflicting reports regarding length of time for different eye colors. Some said that brown eyes soak up the drug, leaving less available to work on the dilation muscles ... but most of the articles reported that all colors EXCEPT brown remain dilated longer. My theory is that perhaps knowing that brown eyes soak up the drug the doc gave me a double dose. He did put the dilation drops in my eyes twice. Ah well ... no biggy, just interesting to see them freakishly huge for such a long period of time.

It's Wednesday ... blah. I was hoping that it would feel like Tuesday and I would have the joy of knowing that no, it is actually Wednesday. No dice. It FEELS like boring old middle-of-the-work-week Wednesday. At least next week is a short week. Right? Right?? *checks calendar* Right! Sadly, Cro only gets Thursday off and still has to work Friday. Double sadly (but fixable), I don't have New Year's Eve nor New Year's Day off and he has them both! I do have 78 hours of vacation time left for this year though ... which is why I said it was fixable, I'll just have to ask for those days off in vacation time. Cro and my anniversary is New Year's Eve. Yay. This will be year 4! And it feels like so much longer than that (in a good way).

Mom made plans to take her new horse on a trail ride adventure with friends over Thanksgiving (she thought we weren't visiting until Christmas) so Cro and I have Thanksgiving to ourselves. We have already discussed what we will make to eat. I love how low carb fits so well with holidays. Here is our rough plan for the meal:

roasted turkey
brown gravy
cauliflower mash
brussels sprouts
green bean casserole
low carb cheesecake for dessert (Cro doesn't like pumpkin pie or else I would find an LC recipe for one of those)
in addition, Cro will make cheddar biscuits for himself (he makes them every year to share at my family's holiday meal)

Many delicious low carb choices and lots of leftovers!


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