Wednesday, November 25, 2009

harvest the pumpkins!

Yay for the upcoming 4-day weekend ... and boo for all of the work I have to bust ass to complete before that long weekend starts. Today is the last day and it is filled to the brim. Any emergency additions is going to cause work to slosh over the edges and I'll end up staying late to make sure it all gets mopped up. My analogy has taken on a life of its own ... I WISH my job was as brainless as mopping the floor but it's going to require more than that.

Facebook is evil. Just thought I'd mention that. Specifically games that feed on our desire for creation and compulsion toward collecting and completion are evil. All of the very successful MMOs (such as World of Warcraft) take advantage of the addictive sides of us. Complete a task, get a reward. Allow for collection of rewards to turn in for a better reward ... throw in "choice" and it becomes VERY addictive. Now, throw in a dash of chance for random reward and it becomes even MORE addictive. Add a means of displaying the wealth. Add interaction with other players. World of Warcraft. Farmtown. What-have-you. :) Games are fun, addictive and evil time munchers.

So my latest mini-obsessions is Facebook's Farmtown. I organize fields, animals, trees , buildings and decorations and can move them and rebuild at any time just like with a set of legos. I can purchase and plant seeds, harvest crops, milk the cow, request other facebook friends to be my farm's neighbors, visit their farms, get random reward on occasion just for visiting another farm, randomly win the opportunity to complete a small task such as raking leaves for my neighbor to be rewarded with money that I can then use to buy more seeds or animals and roll it back around for fun all over again. Oh, and if I plant things in the fields and forget to harvest them once they are mature, they wither! Cry. Oh and I forgot another addictive element. The ability to create a semi-custom avatar and relate to the game with a little representation of me. Oh games. Evil genius.

Mom just called with an urgent request for us to come to the hospital first thing tomorrow. Dad is having trouble breathing.


  1. My kids have gone crazy for that Farmtown gizmo, too. I'm still holding out on Facebook, because when I finally succumb to it, I know the technological beast will have swallowed me whole.

    Good luck surviving the wild day, and enjoy the holiday!

  2. I hope your holiday is a great one. Stay away from the facebook! (But knowing you, you'd become fully integrated into the community-machine in no time flat).

  3. oh no! hope Dad is ok.. keep us posted.

    Facebook is evil, pure evil.


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