Monday, November 23, 2009

Preemtive measures

I am putting the smackdown on my eating for the next three days. The motto for this Thanksgiving week is that an ounce of preemtion leads to pound-gainage prevention. So basically I will have my protein morning shake, low carb yogurt with crushed almonds mixed in for lunch, and low carb yogurt with crushed almonds mixed in for dinner.

For our Thanksgiving dinner, Cro and I have a simple low carb meal planned ... but simple doesn't mean it won't be delicious!

* roasted turkey
* brown gravy
* cauliflower mash
* brussels sprouts
* green bean casserole
* Cro's cheddar biscuits (not low carb so I will pass on these)
* and a low carb lemon cheesecake with almond crust

And the best thing of all ... a four day weekend with my honey! Woot! He had a nasty surprise last Saturday when they required him to work, but they also told everyone that they had changed their minds and WOULD be giving everyone both Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving. (They had previously said that everyone would have to work the Friday after Thanksgiving ... boo!) He wasn't very happy about the short notice on having to work over the weekend but he will enjoy the 4-day weekend to come. :) Me too! Yay for 3 day weeks and 4 day weekends.

My normal quiet morning to myself here at work is being shared with a few other people who decided to come in early. What gives? lol


  1. Have a lovely weekend! I know you will enjoy every moment of it....

  2. I'm with you on the preemptive hardcore smackdown before the long weekend. I plan on getting through this week with minimal damage.

    Have a great holiday!

  3. LCD - thanks, you too.

    Jack - me too! Hope your holiday is a good one too.


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