Monday, November 30, 2009

Secret Santa gave me ...

D-Chiro-Inositol ??? Seriously Santa, WTH are you about? I don't even know what this is. I received this in the mailbox along with my last order of Stevia.

So, I looked it up and hmmm, interesting. From what I've read it is good for a variety of things including:

Helps with insulin resistance (this could be a bonus)
Improves glucose disposal (good)
Helps with anxiety disorders (yeah, I suppose that wouldn't hurt)
Reduces symptoms of OCD (wouldn't hurt)
Reduces depression (yay, more happy)
Lowers free and total testosterone (well, don't think that was ever a problem anyway)
Lowers blood pressure (good)
Increases frequency of ovulation (meh, I use birth control and will continue using birth control)

That plus some non-commital references to reduction of severity of demylination in animal studies regarding something called "osmotic demyelinization syndrome" made me have hopes that it might help my MS in some undefined manner. Probably just a confused hope, but it doesn't seem to have given me any reasons not to try it so why not.


  1. Damn, its a miracle in a bottle. lol

  2. Ha! Like the coal oil old time remedy that dad told me about on Thanksgiving. :)

  3. ohh a magic pill. what if you enter the matrix when you pop one?


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