Tuesday, November 24, 2009

strong to the finich

I got ready for work at 3am. It has been an extremely quiet morning so far and that's a good thing because I have sooooo much to do before Thursday and the beginning of the holiday weekend.

Due to the recent donut shop robbery (no, it wasn't me) I had the creeps bigtime walking from my Jeep to the building entrance in the early morning darkness. Carrying 24 cans of various veggies didn't help (green cans to contribute to the company Christmas tree that we are building out of canned goods for charity). I guess I'm very wimpy because it felt like a workout. I guess I should have popped open one of the spinach cans for some Popeye strength. I might need one by the end of this 13 hour work day too. Or maybe some green tea will provide me with some needed pep. I'm yawning like crazy!


  1. Thanks for clearing up that donut shop robbery thing. You were my prime suspect there for a while...

  2. Doesn't it kind of blow your mind that you used to be carrying around a lot more than those cans on a regular basis? Thinking about the fact that I've lost about TEN five-pound bags of potatoes BLOWS my mind. And you've lost twice that much!! You are amazing!

    Don't forget to BREATHE. :)

  3. Jack - Sadekat teased me about the donut shop robbery too. :) Gots to luv ya both.

    LCD - I really didn't pause to think about that but you are right ... I did carry a load of cans on my can all the time and am very glad to have lost that extra load (and looking forward to dropping a few more cans from my can!). You are doing quiet well yourself. :)


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