Monday, November 9, 2009

T-minus 7days to LASIK CONSULT

Me dreaming of a day ...

when I no longer have to do this!

Happy Monday (blah). The weekend was fine though nothing too special. We went to the jeweler and picked up my new chain. It still isn't as fine (thin) as I would prefer but it's a very nice chain. Now that I have it I of course prefer the pendant on the original chain, lol ... but I do think this one is plain enough that I will wear it more often.

We had lunch at a little restaurant that our jeweler recommended. He should stick to jewelry, lol. Maybe I'm a food snob after watching so much food network. One of my clients is also a culinary school, a quite nice one, so when I'm served obvious pre-made frozen pie crust as part of my quiche ... well I avoided the pie crust and will avoid going back.

We should have gone to Brugge, but I thought it would be nice to explore something different this weekend. At Brugge the servers know us to the point that they bring out our usual drink order before we've even decided what we'll have to eat. The chef takes great pride in the cuisine served and they make EVERYTHING from scratch. I'm spoiled. If you are ever in Indy, I highly recommend eating there. And give me a shout so I can meet you!

After lunch we went to Michaels (craft store) so Cro could get a few things such as jump rings for future pendant creations. I oo'd and ahh'd at the bead and necklace creation inventory, thinking of Chai and her friend's handmade jewelry store and how fun it would be to try things like that myself. It's always fun to dream about more creative ways to express myself but I know my plate is already full so I'll leave the metalwork to Cro.

Sunday I made stuffed peppers while Cro (and JD) mulched the leaves into the lawn. The weekend weather was spectacular and I'm so happy to see the lawn in good order before the inevitable snow arrives. The stuffed peppers were great too but Sadekat wouldn't have liked them ... too many jalapeƱos and way too hot and spicy for her tastes. Yum!

Wow, I sound so domestic.

Mom called Sunday. She and dad are well and apparently so is my aunt Jane. I guess aunt Jane self-diagnosed her pending death, cancer-stage and that it is in her bone marrow from reading tons of articles and matching her symptoms to what she had read. She later saw a doctor who told her that it isn't as bad as what she thought, that it could even be malignant, and that he doesn't see anything that would put a time limit on her life. What a relief. This just proves that although you can learn lots from reading and comparing to other people's symptoms it is a good idea to get a qualified opinion before you freak out (and she did).

Lots of work to do this week, as usual. Monday of next week is my LASIK consultation. I can't wait to find out whether or not I qualify. I'm the anxious type though.

Oh, we are going to have an employee (and family) craft show mid December. This will be an opportunity for some of us to show off our talents and perhaps earn a little extra money for Christmas (or spend a little money buying crafts to give for Christmas). I think Cro is going to make another pendant or two or perhaps do some wood turnings. I'll photograph whatever he comes up with to share with you guys.


  1. I eat out so seldom these days that I really have come to expect more when I do venture out. I can fix a perfectly disappointing meal at home, after all.

    Good luck with the LASIK deal going through.

  2. Jack - exactly. I'm so picky about my diet since every bite counts (and has to be counted!). I have no patience for culinary mediocrity, lol.

  3. I agree Carlos, glasses ARE hot.

    Oct, you'd like the squash soup I made, very spicy stuff, on accident though. It got hotter overnight and I cleaned my sinuses and my tear ducts eating it for lunch today.

    I liked the culinary mediocrity statement. I think since I have started watching so many cooking shows on TV I am beginning to get inspired to cook more. and actually chop instead of whack the veggies.

  4. Oh, I forgot my favorite part of wearing glasses is pushing them up with my middle finger so I can flip people the bird stealth mode style.

  5. haha, I had to go look at the photo again to be sure that I wasn't flipping everyone off! The spicy squash sounds awesome! I may have to make a trip to wherever you are someday to eat at your restaurant ... and to meet the Zug family of course. :)

  6. Honestly, my boss went to Indiana a few years ago and talks about it frequently, so I looked on the company map and did a mileage check to see how close that property is to Indy. Not too close, but still if I ever get to go there on a field trip, I am looking you up. In a nonstalker way of course. :)

    Did you see the recipe I posted for the soup?

    All in all I am guessing about the whole recipe was about 90 - 100 net carbs, I got 6 meal sized servings at 15 - 17 carbs per serving, but you could make smaller servings and have it as a side.

    *I used to do my estimates.


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