Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday menu

BREAKFAST - 4carbs
[4] protein shake

Lunch - 10carbs
[6] steak, jalepeño, peppers, cheddar, sour cream, spinach
[2] almonds
[2] Atkins indulge peanut butter cup

Dinner - 10carbs
maybe this again
[3] cream cheese
[0] pork rinds
[4] LC ice cream
[3] almonds

TOTAL 24carbs


  1. What is the Atkins indulge peanut butter cup? Is it like a protein bar?

  2. Nope, it's like Reeses peanut butter cups ... but only 2carbs per package and to me they are better tasting than the Reeses version. They also contain maltitol (sugar alchohol that lots of people are sensitive to) so if you try them, I would suggest put a strict limit on how many and how often.


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