Monday, December 21, 2009

Ah Ha!

It explains what is happening with my eyes very well. I did the pinhole through cardstock test and I could see PERFECT with no ghosting at all if I wiggled the card until I found the right spot. Then I made two pinhole cards just to see if I would be able to see perfectly with both eyes at the same time and I could. Sooo I either still have astigmatism or maybe swelling of the eye causes the same thing. Since my eyes have good days and bad days I'm hoping that it will correct completely once everything heals. I know that most people don't go through this much trouble (from what I've read) so this has to either be due to astigmatism that didn't get corrected or maybe swelling (edema) is exacerbating it (probably) and it gets better when the swelling is less

Yeah, I'll give it time and hope it resolves on it's own, but be sure that I will be bringing this up with my eye surgeon at my next appointment if it doesn't resolve by then.

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