Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I want for Christmas is my two eyeballs

I can tell that I'm boring people with all of this LASIK talk ... or perhaps you guys are all tied up in the Christmas season's rush of business (I know I am!).

Today my eyes are mighty mighty. :D Well, still ache a bit behind the left eye but the double vision is gone and the blurriness is much better. Me hopes things stay good.

I forgot my purse at work yesterday and only discovered it was not with me when I arrived at the grocery store to pick up a couple of last minute treats to add to my two White Elephant gift bags for the two gift exchange parties we are having this week. Today is the company/client party/white elephant gift exchange and lunch. Tomorrow is the web team company dinner after work (no gift exchange), and Friday is the company-only party and white elephant gift exchange.

Since I forgot my purse I knew there was no point in going in early. I wouldn't have been able to get in. So I grabbed some loose cash at home and went to Walgreens before heading to work this morning. I picked up a few chocolates and another gift bag so I could portion my single white elephant gift bag into two gift bags. It worked out well. The first gift bag contains the Windows version of HALO and some chocolates ... the other gift bag contains the Crest White Strips/camera combo and some chocolates. The chocolates and gift bag total cost less than $10 and the white elephant gifts were things that I had never used from home. Perfect. :)

Now I just need to kick butt on projects to make up for not being able to get here early and to make up for having to break for parties today and Friday. So glad my eyes aren't giving me trouble this morning. It was extremely hard to get things done yesterday with how miserable I felt. :P My next followup appointment with the LASIK doc is tomorrow morning. I hope the googlies manage not to fluctuate today.


  1. I'm not bored with the eyeball talk. I've been super busy this week and reading only my favorite blogs. Thanks to a weird schedule this week I woke up at my normal time and don't have to be to work for still another 2 hours... ugg!

  2. Glad you seem to be responding so well to the treatment.

    What is it with clients and wanting to screw up the holidays for us all?


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