Monday, December 21, 2009

Breaking Bread

I bought mom a new bread machine for Christmas but learned a couple of days ago that she had gone bread machine shopping but couldn't find what she wanted (she said that she didn't want Sunbeam brand). This perplexed me because she had asked for a bread machine as part of her list of Christmas gift ideas and she hadn't shared with me her dislike of that brand. So I told her not to buy a bread machine. ACK! lol ... and then was worried because I couldn't remember what brand I had purchased.

Well yeah, it was a Sunbeam. @%$ <- that says "DARN". :)

I didn't want to send it back (I had bought it on Amazon) and I don't have any use for a breadmaker so I explained the situation to Cro and asked if he thought he would use it rather than me sending it back. He actually got excited about it. YAY! So I left him with the Sunbeam and found another brand (Breadman) for mom and Super Target. da da da DAAA (that's the Super Target Super Hero song). The breadmaker that I bought for mom says that it has a function for specialty breads ... LOW CARB! That made me curious to see if there are low carb bread machine recipes out there for normal, non-specialty bread machines.

Yes there are! :D

And to bring my long story to a close, I shared this recipe with Cro and I hope to be able to post a review soon. It looks delish!

This is from Big Daddy D's recipe blog which is well worth a visit!!!! I love his site.

Better Bread That's Low Carb - 3 net carbs per serving

Last week, I was trying to make a low carb bread. I had already put some of the ingredients in my bread maker when I realized I didn't have enough of one of the key ingredients, wheat gluten. So, I put in a mixture of other low-carb flour-like ingredients including wheat bran and almond meal. The result was an even better bread. I've baked it three times now to insure that the recipe was consistently good. It has far fewer carbs than typical store bought diet breads. The downside of this recipe is that it uses 5 different flours that most people do not typically have in their kitchen. I love this bread and highly recommend that you hunt down the ingredients.

Servings: 12 pieces at 3 net carbs each.


2 packets rapid rise yeast
1/2 c. vital wheat gluten
1/2 c. almond meal
1/2 c. crude wheat bran
1/2 c. soy flour
2/3 c. flax meal
1/4 c. Splenda (or equivalent)
2 T. butter
2 eggs
1 c. water


Put all ingredients in bread machine. Set "light" browning setting. Turn on according to your bread machines instructions.

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