Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas recap

The 4-day Christmas weekend was a blur. Too fast! I went into the weekend with the tasks of wrapping a mountain of gifts and making a couple of LC-friendly casseroles to share at Christmas dinner. I also planned to stay off the computer as much as possible to let my eyes have a good 4-day rest.

Cro offered to take on the cooking task while I wrapped gifts. DEAL! :) Though I think I got the short end of the stick. I was still wrapping for two and a half hours after he had finished putting together the casseroles and made the cheese biscuits that mom and dad love (but I won't touch ... too many carbs).

Mom and dad told us the story of when my sister and I were charged with bringing in a load of firewood that dad had freshly cut. That was nothing unusual other than they had set up rules this time. You see, my sister knew that the slower she moved the less she would have to do because I would end up doing my share and whatever was left of hers. The new rule was that we each had to bring in half of the load (it was a pickup truck bed stacked very very full) and once our half was neatly stacked inside we were done, no helping with the other half. I finished at my usual get-it-done pace, dad said for me to stop, and my sister was left alone to finish her task. She looked rather miserable out there finishing what she was so used to me finishing for her.

Cro told my mom and dad that it must have been how I looked after he finished the cooking and I still had so much gift wrapping to do. :P Silly husband. I am very happy that he offered to handle the cooking because I would have been up until 3am if he hadn't.

Christmas at mom and dad's was great. Spending the day with my family was priceless to me but probably boring to read about for you.

Out of those stacks of gifts here are a few items that I can remember: Cro made mokume gane necklaces for my mom and sister and a carpenter's tool that I forget the name of for dad. Dad got stacks of war books, socks and long underwear, mom got a bread machine, Susan Boyle CD, jeans and Christmas table settings, my sister got a Wowwee lion cub that moved and made lion cub noises, blankets, a Snuggie, candy and clothing, Cro got many items to make things with (knife kit, things to help with his forge construction project, toys like a trebuchet kit, Wii game, a gaming keyboard, and a shark-skin wallet. I got my LASIK!, a Zoku popsicle maker, blankets, candles, sunglasses, candles, socks. I left out several things but the gifts aren't that important. I'll have forgotten most of them by next year but I'll always remember the time spent with family.

I hope each of you had a great holiday too. It went by so fast and now I am sitting here at work hoping that my eyes don't go blurry before the day is done. I know now that my LASIK stabilization is going slower than most but it's going to be awesome, I have no doubt, when it finally settles down. I have no regrets about having this done. Sure I wish things would hurry up and stabilize but I've read enough of other people's accounts that I know the ghosting can take a few months to resolve. Being on the computer exacerbates things but I can't help that ... I've got to work and my work involves 10-hour days scrutinizing the pixels on a computer screen. Another 4-day weekend is coming up so they'll get to rest again soon.

Speaking of another 4-day weekend coming up, it will be my fourth anniversary of marriage to Cro. We have decided that our anniversaries are not for gift-giving but rather for memory making. We plan to have a date night to celebrate, dinner and a movie Thursday. Any movie suggestions? I can't wait. :D


  1. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary! Whew... that's a lot of well-wishing in one comment...

  2. Merry Happy Happy! I love it. :) Merry Happy to you to Jack.

  3. OOOOOO I so want one of those lion things! Tell your sis I am jealous!
    My sis says Avatar and the new sherlock holmes movies are really good.
    HAPpy NewYear!

  4. My sister is such a collector. Every gift that I buy her and that she likes, she will ask how much it costs and how difficult it would be for her to purchase an additional one in another color or style. So naturally she now wants a white tiger. They are cute ... and mom and dad's real cat was very wary of all the movement and noise it was making. Happy New Year my BBFF! :)


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