Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The down side of fluctuations

Yesterday my left eye developed a constant ache (in the optic nerve I believe since I've felt that ache before due to optic neuritis). Along with the ache I have much more blurry vision in that eye along with double vision in the far distance (like with headlights in the distance but not so much when they get closer). This morning it is still achy behind that eye and still blurry/double AND my right eye is having a fluctuation on the blurry side (but not as pronounced as the left and no double vision in that one). This is all due to recent LASIK healing in case you are a first time reader here. Nothing out of the ordinary but still something not so cool.

So I'm here at work, knowing that this is normal and will resolve, not knowing how long it is going to take to resolve, and feeling a bit down in the dumps.

Oh, and I think I have a meeting now so I'll finish this later. I'm still very happy about the LASIK but am being honest about what I'm going through with this long healing process.

Meeting over ... more meetings later ... loads of work to do (why does everyone want EVERYTHING done before the holiday?) ... and I'm in a crappy mood because it is such a struggle to see. EYESTRAIN!!! I have double vision in my left eye even up close I noticed as I tried to read project briefs at the last meeting. I know I'm on edge because when I came back to my desk they had the server room door open (the server equipment emits a huge droning buzz ... even when the door is not open) and I am just very annoyed at the noise. I feel like a dog with rabies, lol.

I just need a nap, but I need to make it productively through this day first.

My left eye is aching less (who knows if it is the ibuprofen I took earlier though). The double vision in it is gone so I'm less cranky. The left eye is still more blurry than the right, but it's not as bad as it was this morning. yay.

The photo shows a pendant that Cro carved out of a piece of jade.

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