Thursday, December 3, 2009


I will be so glad to see the door hitting 2009 in the ass. This has seriously been an eerie year regarding so many family deaths. It almost feels like this year has been cursed in a way. I look forward with hope for a much easier 2010 (a space odyssey). Perhaps I will keep a list of each magnificent moment as they happen in 2010. :) First one on my list will hopefully be a successful eye surgery and a whole new view of the world!

Have you all finished your Christmas shopping yet? I just finished mine yesterday ... wow I was late getting it done this year. I blame 2009, lol. Too many other things to worry about got in the way but now it's accomplished! Gift giving en mass is expensive! but it is so rewarding to give. Cro and I also gave bunches of canned goods to our company canned-good Christmas trees for charity project. Hey, I'll post a photo of the in-progress tree building and window painting that happened at our Terre Haute office. No, I'm not in the photos but a few of my co-workers are. We are giving all of the collected tree-making goods to charity for Christmas and built a cute window display using them.

Four days until LASIK ... nervous excited nervous excited! I hope nothing goes wrong!!


  1. Everything will go smoothly, and perfectly! and you'll have perfect eyeballs! I promise :-) (I am never wrong!)

  2. I had lasik two-and-a-half years ago and it was the best money I've ever spent! :o) I'm not squeamish at all but I was (understandably!) a little apprehensive. But the worst thing for me was not being able to wear mascara for two weeks! (I'm so shallow!) The day of the procedure I was reading by candlelight that night, then the following morning my eyesight was PERFECT! If my eyes hadn't been watering so much, I would have been able to see perfectly straight away.

    Love the window display! :o)

  3. Thanks Chai ... perfect eyeballs will be perfectly alright with me!

    Patsy - it's so nice to hear from another person who had it successfully done. Your post adds to my excitement! Four more days to go. :)

  4. Good luck with the Lasik, Oct! I'm sure it's going to go purrfectly well! Trust it! Believe it! See it! :-)

    Not much Christmas shopping for us this year. More on that in a future blog. I'm all too happy to ditch some of the more commercial aspects of the holiday hoopla.

    Sorry for being away for so long. Thanks for dropping by on my 1 year anni.

    My best to you and Cro!

  5. The more I read on your webby stuff about how happy people are with lasik, the more I want to go get consulted myself.

    You make me sick! How could you be done xmas shopping when I haven't even gotten to a store to buy? My lofty goal of cookie baking and card giving is not even started either!

    One more thing, what did you get Cro? I'm looking for ideas for my Turk.

  6. JP - Thanks for the good luck! I will trust it, believe it and hopefully see it! Great to hear from you and I'm looking forward to learning about your non-commercial holiday plan. I hope you and Mad are having a good one and that she is back home to you soon.

    SheZug - I hope I can add to those happy LASIK outcome stories. I've read some pretty nasty ones too ... but those are supposed to be rare. I do my Christmas shopping online or I would NEVER get it all done. I'm horrible about remembering to send out cards though, to my mom's chagrin. Cro is wanting to build a forge this year, so I got him boring (to me) metalworking stuff. A couple of japanese metal working tools (mallet and hammer), and a not-for-metalworking sharkskin wallet/moneyclip. I also am trying to get a little in-game trinket for his World of Warcraft character. Mom and dad got him some knife-making kit pieces and have secured an old break drum and disc from a neighbor farmer as parts for him to construct the forge out of.


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