Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's the night before the night before Christmas

And all through the office I'm the only creature stirring (well, typing).

It's an odd and lovely feeling to know the holiday is almost here. I get to wrap gifts tomorrow and even though I dread it, there is something awesome about handling each gift, wrapping it, writing the recipient's name on the tag and adding it to the pile of finished gifts. I think I live part of the joy that each person who receives a gift will feel as I wrap them. It is bringing a smile to my face right now.

Let's get the Post-LASIK Report out of the way. So far this morning my left eye is crystal clear. My right eye is blurry and ghosting slightly. Yesterday I noticed that my two sharp and clear eyes turned to blurry ghosting vision within two hours of being at my computer. The rest of the day was rather miserable as I tried to eye-strain my way through the work day. I've pretty much determined through lots of online reading that most people have achieved stable vision by 7 days after surgery. I am now one my 17th day and no, things are not stable. When it's good it's very good. When its blurry and ghosting its very crappy. My next follow-up appointment is Jan 4. I'm undecided whether I will give it until then before discussing with the doctor or call him sometime next week.

Cro used our new bread machine to make a cinnamon desert loaf for his work party today. I don't think it turned out too well because after it had cooled we both went to inspect the results. It looked rather dry and when he tapped on the top it sounded like a drum. He said oh well, it's just for work people. LOL

One of our print vendors brought in her famous orange juice cake for our office yesterday. Having to turn down that cake makes me weak in the knees. From memory I can tell you it is better than darn good. Ah well, smaller pants is better than darn good too.

I am taking a cauliflower mash to mom and dad's for Christmas. My dad isn't allowed potatoes anymore and mom said that he loved the cauliflower mash that we had brought once before. Well make a few other things to bring as well. Maybe I'll make an LC cheesecake too.

I've got holiday-brain. So happy even though I'm here at work until 5. And I HAVE to remember that the Jeep is out of gas because if I miss the first gas station I will not make it home and will have to call AAA to rescue me. >.< MUST REMEMBER!


  1. Hmmm... Wondering if you're blinking enough while starting at your PC? I used to get dry eyes and found out it was for that very reason...

    Cauliflower mash sounds fab! I'm off potatoes too (a former addict!) and need a good alternative... What do you add to the cauliflower before you mash it, if anything?

    Have fun wrapping presents!

  2. I'm trying hard to think about blinking lots and also using eye drops frequently. :) I really think it's edema and am sure it will resolve with time. Today has been great with the left eye staying sharp so far (and it's almost 1pm).

    For mashed cauliflower Cro and I usually add a bit of cream, salt and pepper.

    We boil the cauliflower until it's tender then drain it. Then we sandwich the florets between paper towels and press to remove excess water so it won't be too runny. We use a stick blender and add the cream and such. Then it goes into a casserole dish with a little shredded cheese on top. Broil for a few minutes and done. We'll probably use AlsoSalt since dad isn't supposed to have sodium either. It will still be very good! And good for my low-carbness too. :)


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