Monday, December 28, 2009

it'sMondayagain Menu

BREAKFAST - 7carbs
[7] protein shake

Lunch - 12carbs
[6] almonds
[6] 2 LC yogurts

Dinner - 19carbs
[9] leftover Dreamfields, ground beef, cheese
[6] one of Cro's creations: "sausage balls" (sausage, cheese, bisquick)
[4] Atkins peanut butter cups

TOTAL 38carbs


  1. Have you tried CarbQuik?
    Like Bisquick but LowCarb...
    It's not too --

  2. anne - Yes! And I love CarbQuik. These were Cro's creations though. I ate one but they are too high for me to eat more than that. I'm glad he made something that he likes. They would be just as good with Carbquik though (and good for me too). :)

  3. Switch out the boxes! Or refill the Bisquick box with CarbQuik!
    ;) just kidding.....

  4. haha :D I've thought about it ... but he is honest with me regarding what he puts in things so I don't want to sabotage his cooking efforts when he wants to make something special for himself. :) I might make them again sometime using my low carb ingredients though.


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