Friday, December 4, 2009

Jitter Jitter Zap Zap

Hopefully that will be the last of the ugmo glasses pics. Please please please let it go well!

A couple of my friends were teasing me (in attempt to give me nightmares I suppose, lol) on facebook regarding the LASIK procedure and icky things like the smell of desintegrating cornea flesh as the laser does the correction. A warm smile crossed my face when Sadekat popped in and gave them a little hell for trying to scare me. You are a sweety Donna. Those silly guys are sweeties too ... but ick, burning cornea smell! I prefer the doc's explanation that it's the machine.

The vacation time excitement is hitting me now. Though I don't know how exciting it will be since Cro will be working (he is taking off work Monday though to see me to and from the surgery). Monday after surgery I'm instructed to wear goggles, keep my eyes closed, not watch television, and just try to sleep. Tuesday I go back to the doctor, have the goggles removed (how acclimated to the web I am ... I first typed "have the googles") and hopefully be able to see!!!!!!! A couple more for good measure ... !!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I will have to entertain myself. No Cro, Matt will be working, mom and dad are a bit too far away to make an afternoon visit appealing. Hmm, I know, I need a few new clothing items as well as wrapping paper. Hopefully there will be Christmas gifts arriving for me to wrap. Yes, I do about 90% of my Christmas shopping online and I wouldn't have it any other way. Crowds suck. Super Target is enjoyable though!

It's Friday! And I have the next 9 days off work (if you count the weekends, and I do). I hope nothing goes wrong with the surgery. jitter jitter ... I need Jack Sh!t to modify the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang lyrics for me. :)


  1. LASIK is a big ol' nothing, as surgeries go (that's according to my dad Horace, who is working on collecting a complete set of surgeries). He said a pedicure was more painful.

    Enjoy the time off from the workplace stresses... and I guess I'll just quit working on this nifty macrame eyeglass holder I was making for you for Christmas...

    Seriously, best of luck with the procedure. I've got my eyes crossed for ya.

  2. It sure costs lots for being a big ol' nothing. What am I going to blog about after it's done? I guess all of the things I can actually see from a distance! :D

  3. I had to give a little facebook hell because they were scaring me! I got to get to the Turkish store online and order some gifts ASAP!

  4. To be honest, the smell is the worst thing about lasik - you won't feel a thing. :o)

  5. I'll try to ignore the smell ... it's supposed to be over so quickly that I won't have much time to think about it anyway.

    Let me know what you get for your Turk, Donna. :)


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