Monday, December 21, 2009

Me & My Cookie

I made this from a recipe that Mad discovered and Harry posted on his WoweeZowee blog. They turned out great! About 5 carbs each but super crumbly if you don't handle them carefully. I've found that a crumbled cookie makes a great topping for yogurt.

It's a three day work week! And so is next week! And next week will be Cro and my fourth anniversary! Lots of things to ! about.

I didn't tackle the pile of gifts that are waiting to be wrapped so I suppose Thursday is going to be wrapping day. Friday Cro and I will spend Christmas day with my mom, dad and sister. I'm soooo looking forward to it! And I'll get to see mom's new horse. She bought a Rocky Mountain Horse mare a couple of months ago and I haven't seen her yet. I don't plan to ride this time (not suppose to be doing exhilarating things for at least 2 months after the eye thing ... so the doc said. I've been super good about doing what is suggested because eyes are very important ya know. I even still wear the sleeping goggles and it's two weeks post-op now. Goody two-shoes ... that's me. :P

My left eye (the one that had been giving me trouble) is as clear as a bell today and the right one (which has been the sharp and clear one) is super blurry today. I guess it's jealous of all the eye drops I've been giving lefty. I'm trying to treat them equally!

It is snowing! Poo! No, it's not snowing poo, but it's snowing ... grumble. I think my southern husband's dislike of snow has finally rubbed off on me. I love how pretty it is, I hate shoveling it out of our steep driveway and driving in it is fun until traffic comes into play. Some people loose all sense of how to drive when presented with snow or ice. All that aside, I love having a reason to use the 4-wheel drive and delight in my Jeep's performance during rough conditions. It must be the farm-girl in me. :D Okay, It's snowing YAY! but don't tell Cro I said that. lol

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