Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photos from the office Christmas party

My pimp jacket was passed around the holiday party more than well ... it got around.

A pic from the white elephant gift exchange. Lined up at several people's feet are Snuggies that they found in the gifts they chose from the pile. Snuggies were a hot item for white elephant this year. Not as hot of an item as the alcohol that kept being stolen (our white elephant gift rules are that when it's a person's turn, they can steal a gift that has already been opened rather than choosing an unopened gift from the pile. Once a gift has been stolen 3 times it is out of play and the 3rd "owner" gets to keep it. Only one Snuggie was stolen. Beer, bottles of wine, Bailey's, and Jack all were stolen their max number of times each. It was hilarious.

This t-shirt was inspired by a dream that the wearer shared with the group at our web team Christmas the evening prior (which was also a very good party). The dream she had was about her becoming rich for a company/product that she had founded/invented. The product name is a combination of the strangeness of the dreaming mind and likely all the alcohol consumption from the night before. One of the other web team members surprised her with the t-shirt bearing a fake logo for her dream product before our party today. LOL.

My lion jacket stole the show even in the "ugly sweater" contest. Too funny. The little pieces of paper on the wall behind him are numbered "most memorable Christmas gift" stories that each of us wrote and sent to our creative director. He then removed the names, numbered them all and we had a contest to see who could correctly guess the author of each story. I got 11 of them right! Including my own though. Hey, 11 out of 28 isn't too bad ... right? Never mind that I've worked with several of these people for over 9 years. They are the ones I got right. :P

I had two glasses of rum & Diet Coke with lunch and I can feel the residual effects of the damn aspartame today. I'm a little less co-ordinated than usual and have already banged my knee on an end table. The rum was worth it though ... I have so much more fun when I'm slightly tipsy and that happens so rarely. :)

The party was very fun and since it was at the office and everyone was drinking I even got to leave work at 4:45. Wee! (Don't worry, I had my rum & diets at noon so the slight buzz was well worn-off before I drove home.

In other news, my eyes are spectacular. :D Or should I say spectacleless-tacular. I'm using artificial tears about every hour that I'm awake but I can see and no more ache! I'm looking forward to finding out if they are both closer to 20-25 at my next follow-up visit (next month).

Yay for Saturday. Boo for the pile of unwrapped Christmas gifts that I MUST start wrapping this weekend.

Oh, has anyone ever had what I can only describe as a waking dream? I wasn't able to sleep at all last night (insomnia? me? no way!). Anyway, at 3am and after being in bed with my LASIK eye protection goggles on (surprisingly comfy) and my eyes closed, suddenly I could see moving images on the "screen" of the inside of my closed eyes. I "waking-dreamt" that a spider was coming at me out of a pile of sand on a lush forest floor. I could see everything very well and in color but I wasn't controlling WHAT I was seeing other than I was able to move away from it ... so it was like a dream but I was awake. So maybe a waking-lucid dream? Freaked out by the spider I opened my eyes and the "show" went away even though the room was as dark as my closed eyes. So I closed my eyes again and a few seconds later I saw a moving doll swinging on a trapeze. She turned her head and smiled a rosy-cheeked grin as she swung forward and her feet went up. I opened my eyes again and it stopped. Closed my eyes again and one more little "waking dream" happened that I don't remember as clearly. Something to do with a collection of marbles. That was the last one, Cro was up and couldn't sleep either so I told him all about it. He said that he has never had anything like that happen though sometimes he can see kalidescope patterns when his eyes are closed. I guess I went to sleep for real after talking to him and settling down again. Very very weird and cool.


  1. What a fun party! Nobody parties like the creatives!

  2. I love parties like that.
    The lion jacket looks like it was a hit too. Funny pictures.

  3. It had some very fun moments. Lots of them over the last 3 work-party days.

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all. Very nice!

    I don't know why everyone's talking about the jacket like it's funny though. I call that the height of fashion! Yeah, baby! :)

    Hope your Christmas and New Year is Pimptastic!


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