Thursday, December 10, 2009


The week is flying by but it is the best use of a week's vacation that I can imagine. I think I might call and see if the doctor's office can get me in at 8am next Monday for the second follow-up appointment rather than 4:15pm. I get to work well before anyone else and I think I still would be there before most everyone even with the appointment. Sorry for all of the icky eye pics, but I do want to make a record of this experience.

Yesterday I was worried and felt like something was in my right eye (the non-bloody one) all day. I resisted the urge to pull back my eyelids too much to look at things. Today both eyes feel great and like nothing at all has been done to them. I see just as well as I used to with my contact lenses and maybe even a little better. I hope the vision continues to improve over time but if it stays just as it is I decided that I probably won't be asking for further enhancement. I don't want to go through all of this again and don't want to spend more money (even though Cro is very supportive in the opinion that I should spend what is needed because this is for the rest of my life). I think my eyes will be much healthier without having to wear contacts and I am still soooo happy that I chose to have this done.

Oh, and I might have gotten a freelance project (on my dang vacation too!). That's okay. It's not a huge project and I underbid it a bit, but if I win the work it will help pay off my eyes faster ... that would be AWESOME. :)

And here is the icky 3rd day after LASIK photo. I'm purposefully opening my eyes extra wide to show the bloody part ... I don't normally give the camera such a crazy stare!! :) Also, still no eye make-up nor hair products.

I just called and they can get me in at 8am next Thursday for the second follow-up. YAY! :) I'll bet I still beat nearly everyone into the office and now I won't have to worry about asking my tandem-space partner to move their car at 3:30 so I can get to my appointment on time. Win-Win.

*another update:
Cats are weird. Being home in the middle of the day has allowed me to witness just how weird they can be. For no apparent reason, Buddy cat got a wide-eyed wild look in his eyes and went tearing up and down and around and around all over the house and over every piece of furniture that was in his way. Then he stopped in the middle of the floor, crouched down with front paws splayed out in front of him and his back-end hiked up like he was a race car ready for the green flag. His ears lay flat against his head and suddenly he let out a RAWWWWR and shot off into the other room. Moments later he trotted back into the first room, hopped onto the back of the couch and curled up for a nap. I wonder if he won that race. :) Silly cat.


  1. It looks like your eye is getting less bloody. I have heard from co workers who had it done that their vision is so clear. One little guy that works in my department told me to get it done, he had his eyes done one at a time last year. i am not sure why he had them done one at a time though.. I'm not sure why.

    I recently saw a pet collar you can buy that has a camera attached to the front. It takes a picture every minute or so. I can't remember if you could view the images remotely or if you had to download them to your computer. I thought about getting that for Sadie, but I think she'd try to eat it. She's a chewer.

  2. It is definitely less bloody than one day 1 ... but the blood is starting to get darker above and below. I'm sure it will clear up just fine but I like to keep a record of things just because. :)

    Ooh, the photo pet collar would be soo fun. He'd hate it though. :( I've never made him wear a collar except on the rare occasion when I tried to train him to walk on a harness. Since he is indoor only I've spoiled him with indoor freedom. Still, that sounds so cool. If you get one for Sadie you'll have to share her photo adventures. I'll bet they do things that would amaze us when no one is watching.


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