Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday Yay

My vacation time is slipping by quickly, but I'm so happy that I took the time off so I could keep my eyes from being stressed this week while they heal. Things were blurry again this morning but sharpened up very quickly once I turned on the light. I think maybe it has something to do with my eyes dilating larger than the corrected area when it is pitch black.

I plan to go to Super Target today to buy Christmas wrapping paper and perhaps check out the sunglasses. Cro asked last night if my Jeep has air bags. Well, yes it does and I don't think the driver's side airbag can be disabled. So, just in case I don't want to risk and air bag ever hitting me in the face so I think I'll pick up some sunglasses or anti-glare glasses to wear just when driving. I have an old pair that I would normally wear when driving anyway ... at least until I gave up contact lenses and had to wear those normal eyeglasses in preparation for the LASIK. Now that I've had the LASIK done I have to be extra careful not to allow anything to bump my eyes, especially not for the first couple of weeks.

Yay Target! I love going to Target in the middle of a work day (vacations rock!!!) because I feel like it's forbidden country and not many people are there ... at least not as many people as would be there on the weekend.

Cro had to pick up supplies for making gingerbread houses for his work today. They are having a gingerbread house making competition as part of their Christmas holiday celebration. He also had to wear a Colts jersey to work this morning. I don't know what that is all about but maybe he will tell me tonight. He didn't seem too happy about having to dress up for whatever is going on today. I took photos but he was a very reluctant model and I promised not to post them ... darn!

Pardon another icky bloody eye pic, but I want to chronicle this. The left eye is still bloody and the right eye feels like it has something in it. Both things are normal this early after surgery. I can see just as well now without correction as I did with my contact lenses. Happy. :) And hoping that I still get a little better vision before they stop healing.

Two days after LASIK

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