Thursday, December 17, 2009

What's up Doc?

He (the LASIK doctor) says that the problem I've been having is due to dry eyes. He looked at my optic nerve since I was worried about that but said even beforehand that it would be impossible for the LASIK to have effected the optic nerve. Still he looked at it and said there is no swelling what-so-ever and that my optic nerve looks just fine. I thought it was odd that dry eyes could cause an ache behind the eye and an ache when looking left, right, eye movement in general. He said that dry eye can cause all that. So I'm very relieved!

I asked if I should just use the artificial tears more often to fix things and he said the big thing is just to give it time. It should resolve with time and that I should use the artificial tears when my eyes feel like they need them.

Oh, I asked what my vision IS currently. No one has ever told me. :P I have 20/50 in the left eye and 20/25 in the right eye (that is close to perfect for the right one). Using both eyes together he said I have 20/30 vision. I asked if the left eye would improve to be close to the right and he said that it would definitely improve. The both will improve. And that it's just going to take time.

I'm happy with that. I used the artificial tears LOTS yesterday and the ache is much reduced today. I'll just keep using them and try to be patient. :) He also said that I will have good days and bad days and that is all expected for at lease three months.

I have to join in at a holiday dinner tonight after work with our web team. One of them flew in from Philly and so we are going to Bucca di Beppo to celebrate. We also have our official company holiday party and gift exchange tomorrow. Aaack. So much holiday activity when I would be more than happy to just go home and rest my eyes.

Hopefully the party tonight will be fun and not last too long. We have to walk over 3 blocks to get there and then back 3 blocks afterward. Since there was someone attacked, hit with a brick and iphone stolen just a few days ago and less than a block from here, and since we had that robbery at Dunkin' Donuts a few weeks ago across the street from us, yeah, I'm a bit nervous about having to walk at night. Especially since I have MS and limp when I go beyond 2 blocks. I've decided that I'm not going to take my purse with me and that if the group tries to walk faster than I can they are just going to have to slow down. LOL I can't walk fast but I CAN yell loud. SLOW DOWN YOU ARE LOSING ME!!! :D

By the way, I don't know what the heck I am going to eat at Bucca di Beppo. I don't think they are very low carb friendly but that's why I'm going to look at the website and menu right now. Planning ahead for the win.

In the waiting room it occurred to me that HEY! THAT'S THE ROOM WHERE MY SURGERY WAS PERFORMED! Well, it was more like ... bored bored bored ... hmm, I wonder if that is just a display of the type of laser they use. Cool. *snaps photo* Weird. Would it be just an empty shell that they bought to have on display? Or maybe an older model? But why would they want to display old equipment? And if it IS just an empty shell for display why would they go to such trouble just for a display when they could just use a big poster. Hey ... wait a minute ... that looks JUST LIKE the room I had my surgery in. Hmmm ... no way!!! I hope they had curtains pulled on the inside (as you can see, those are waiting room chairs outside of the glassed-in room). Then I peeked and didn't see any curtains to pull. I wonder if it is glass that they can switch to be opaque ... or maybe ... no ... maybe it is one-way glass but only one-way from the inside. Did all of the people in the waiting room see me get my surgery? SICK! I'm sure they must have a way to switch the glass to be opaque. :/


  1. Good thing about your eye. I'm thinking about this procedure room. There has to be a way to protect your privacy, the privacy laws that are in place and all. Did you notice the room the other times you were there?

    I ate at Bucca here once, good food! It was for a company party I went to along with a former fiance. It was so much fun actually and is one of (sadly) very few happy memories I have with that particular man.

  2. Funny thing is, for the first time all week, my RIGHT eye is blurry and the left is as clear as can be. :) I'm not worried anymore though. No pain behind my eyes at all this morning and I believe they are well on their way to healing. I have noticed that room before but since Cro was with me the first two visits I wasn't really bored and looking around for something to think about. I'm sure they didn't put me on display during the procedure but I am very curious about how they block those glass walls from view since I saw no curtains. :)

    Bucca was a fun time. I had chicken marsala and green beans on the side. We stayed laughing and chatting for hours. OMG I never new I worked with such crazy gals (I usually hang out with the guys and I KNOW the guys are crazy fun).


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