Tuesday, December 1, 2009

yawn and GO!

I got up at 3am and left for work at 4:30am. The drive to work at 4:30 am is so perfect that maybe I should leave for work every morning at this hour. :P Too bad the drive home is still as ugly as ... well something ugly. I can't spend more than a couple of minutes updating my blog and checking my facebook this morning otherwise my early trek here will be for naught. So @#$@# much work to do and it just wasn't gelling yesterday. It will this morning. :) I tend to work out solutions in the middle of the night and wake up ready to hit it.

Six days until my LASIK ... five if you don't count today!

*update ... things are starting to progress well and I feel good about it. Oh, and I am darned hungry! That's good though.

1 comment:

  1. Here... lemme help you out... "was as ugly as a Provo beauty pageant."

    Yeah, I guess if you make the morning drive at 4:30, you miss the morning rush.


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