Friday, December 18, 2009


I have to show off my suede lion jacket since I haven't worn it since before I gained weight in the first place (so several years ago). I'm excited to be ABLE to wear it again but I don't think it is very fashionable now ... I still love it though. I'm also wearing my adorable pointy-toed red boots. :D

Our web team Christmas dinner last night was a blast. Eight of us met at Bucca di Beppo for dinner and drinks. I had chicken marsala with green beans on the side and drank boring ol' water (didn't want the carbs from the wine and didn't want to order my signature rum and diet since I'm really not supposed to drink for at least a month after surgery. I had loads of fun watching those who did get a bit wined up. And I heard the CRAZIEST stories that even made our boss blush. I thought it was so cool that everyone there could be so relaxed and free speaking. MUCH different atmosphere from our company/client party earlier this week. Today's party involves the whole company and not just the web team and I expect it to be the most fun yet. After Bucca last night several people made a trip to the new bar in town–Cadillac Ranch–to ride the mechanical bull. I didn't join them but sorely wanted to! Apparently the place was packed for the Colts game and only two of the girls ended up trying the mechanical bull. Everyone had one drink and left because it was too loud to even hear each other. I think one of the guys might have made a video from his iPhone but I can't promise to share it to protect the "riders" from web embarrassment.

Okay, much to do before our Christmas party starts at 11 so I'd better get my social interwebs shaken out and get to work.

Me and my beloved "lion" jacket: meow. :-3


  1. Hurrah for being able to get into your lion jacket again! I'm able to (just!) get back into a long, fitted wool coat I was wearing a couple of years ago. It's very snug, but I should be properly back in it in the New Year. :o)

    I'm sorry to read you've been having some problems with your eye after the surgery... I hope that clears up very soon and you're able to enjoy your improved eyesight! Being able to read the numbers on an alarm clock in the middle of the night without reaching for your glasses is a revelation!

  2. Patsy - congrats on your wool coat. Doesn't it feel great! My eyes are doing tons better and I even got to exclaim with glee last night that both eyes had perfectly crisp vision for the moment. I am not letting the bad moments get me down now. I know it's just going to take time and lots of eye drops!

    SheZug - hehe

    Carlos - you know it!


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