Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Just some quick news about dad: They drained about 30cc's of infection from his back yesterday with a syringe. He said he doesn't know how those old boys (meaning old times) used to lance abscesses and squeeze out the infection by hand because it hurt so much.

They have put him on a light antibiotic and he is scheduled for surgery at 2pm today. The doctor mentioned that he might remove the metal rods that were put into dad's back because it is about 90 percent healed and should be fine without the rods now. They will also drain the infection during this surgery and install a wound vac (it's like a bad reoccurring nightmare isn't it). He said they will probably leave the wound open and keep him at the hospital for a couple of weeks.

He was coughing up lots of phlegm while I talked to him this morning (he wasn't coughing at all when I spoke to him yesterday). He also seemed a bit more worn out this morning. He's going through a lot of things that are taxing his body, I know. Put in some good wishes and a prayer if you will. I know you just did this not long ago but like I said, it's like a recurring nightmare. :(

He told me that he likely won't be able to speak with me again today but that mom will keep me informed of what is going on.

I called and spoke with mom a few minutes ago. I thought she might need a little emotional support. My mom has grown up a lot through all of this ... that's odd to say about a 65 year old lady, isn't it. She has always had the heart of a teenager and not had to fend for herself ever in her life. She has always had someone there to shelter her. She told me that dad doesn't want her driving back and forth to and from the hospital so much this time, so she plans to wait until the weekend to drive to Evansville and to spend the weekend there with him, driving back for the week. She doesn't work but does have horses to care for and doesn't like asking neighbors to look after them, fearing that she is getting on everyone's last nerve. Anyway, she proudly told me about how she figured out a way to get a large round bail of hay down from the stack so that she could make it accessible to the animals. The large round bail is many times larger than she is but she did it without having to call for assistance. She said that dad always figured out how to do things and that she needs to do that as well now. I am proud of her, I know dad would be too ... AND he would be super worried that she is going to get hurt doing things like that.

Mom said that she called her brother, my uncle Joe, and told him about dad's current situation. Uncle Joe told mom that maybe she should just let him go, let nature takes it's course. :( Mom will never let dad just "go" nor stand by and let "nature take it's course" (whatever that means) when there is medical help for him. I'm so glad mom is strong in that. She loves dad. She will never just give up on him. I feel the same way. I don't think it's natural to allow an infection to go unchecked when there is something that can be done to eliminate that infection.

And to get off of this stomach-knotting topic ... American Idol starts again tonight. Yay. :) I wonder what it will be like without Paula.

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