Monday, January 11, 2010


Dad is back in the hospital (he is at St Mary's at Evansville and not at Vincennes, thank goodness) with lumps on his back that he is fairly certain is infection again. We are hoping that it isn't MRSA and that he won't go through another huge blood infection (I don't think he would survive another one).

He went for a blood transfusion at the Vincennes hospital late last week and spent 8 hours getting the transfusion ... why so long? The nurse had great difficulty finding a vein and ended up placing the IV very close if not through some nerves that caused dad excruciating pain. He had to ask for the drip to be stopped several times during the transfusion because it hurt so much he couldn't take it. All of that stopping and starting stretched out the transfusion time to a ridiculously stressfully and long ordeal. :(

Dad said that he would try to talk to the nurse and she would interrupt him and talk over top of him, so obviously not treating him like a human being nor listening to what he was saying. I HATE when I'm treated like that by a medical "professional". If she had listened maybe she would have made sure that the IV was moved to a place that wouldn't have caused so much pain nor taken so long.

Dad also said that the nurse rubbed her bare fingers over the IV tubing that was placed into his body. He told mom that he thinks that could be the reason why he now has lumps in his back similar to the lump of infection that he had to wear the wound pump to drain for so long (that infection turned into MRSA which was more than likely initiated by sloppy procedure with an IV and ignoring what both he and mom were saying about the IV site being infected ... mom and dad could SEE the infection that first time and dad later nearly died because of that infection.

Anyway, sorry to have this as my big thing to blog about again, but it is the most important thing on my mind right now. I also wanted to let you all know that I might not be blogging as much for a few days and the reason for my scarcity. I'll try to at least keep my menus posted each day.

Don't forget me even though my posting is likely going to be sparse for a little while. You guys mean a lot to me.


I just spoke with dad over the phone. He was eating breakfast and waiting on the CT Scan results and to find out what they are going to do about the lumps. He says the lumps are much bigger than the lump of infection that he originally had. He had no lumps what-so-ever when he went in to the Vincennes hospital for a blood transfusion. It is now only a couple of days after the transfusion and he has developed those large painful lumps. He is certain that it is infection caused by unsanitary practices of the nursing staff during his transfusion. He told me the first names of the two nurses from Vincennes hospital and that one of them said to the other "You didn't see that." after she touched the end of his IV line with her bare hands. Dad says their first names are Sharon and the other is Dr. Stut's nurse Theresa. He knows there isn't anything he can do about it or to prove it but yes that makes me and mom angry and so hurt that they would disregard my dad's safety in such a manner. Especially after what happened to him there before. I am very happy that he is in the Evansville hospital right now. So is he. He mentioned that maybe he would go have a talk with those two nurses and give them a piece of his mind someday. He knows exactly what they look like even if he doesn't know their last names.

He sounded strong of voice over the phone and reassured me that he thinks he'll make it through again this time. He is concerned that they haven't started him on antibiotics yet but they do have him on medication for pain. He thinks they are going to give him another blood transfusion later today ... his blood count is 8, which is still low even after getting two thirds of a pint a few days ago. I don't think that I mentioned but they spilled a third of the pint that they were giving him at Vincennes. He still doesn't know the results of the lab tests done at Evansville last night but a doctor has mentioned to him that they might try to drain one of the lumps and his surgeon should be seeing him later today. That's all I know for now.


  1. Grrrrr. That nurse sums up just about everything I hate about the medical establishment. I'm going in this week for my eight-year check-up even tho I hate the idea...

    Best of luck to your padre.

  2. Sorry to hear about Pappa Oct, I wish I could go horse kick that nurse for him. You do what you gotta do Chica, don't worry about us.

  3. Oct~Thats just awful! (I used to live in Henderson, KY--right across the Ohio River from Evansville, IN.)

    I hope your Dad gets better quickly. Take care.


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