Friday, January 1, 2010


Yesterday Cro and I celebrated our fourth anniversary. I bought a small scrapbook for us to write a short memoir of each year's celebration and to stash ticket stubs, restaurant recipes and our anniversary card to each other. It has enough pages that we can do this each anniversary for the rest of our lives (which I hope are long and happy).

This year we started off by going to see Avatar (the movie).

The movie was excellent, especially considering that we are both MMO gamers and that we met in such a game. I actually cried midway through the movie (and tried very hard to cry silently, though it was a hard cry) when the greedy humans destroyed what I thought was the indigenous people's "Mother Tree". In the MMO where Cro and I met, our characters were born under such a Mother Tree and it held the spiritual aspects of the land and people, just as in the movie Avatar. To see it destroyed hit me in the heart in a manner that I wasn't prepared for. Yeah, geeky, but I was truly effected with sorrow and empathy. Later in the movie I discovered that it wasn't the Mother Tree that was destroyed after all. And yeah, then I felt even more stupid for crying during a movie. Cro confessed to me afterwards that he couldn't look at me or else he would have started crying too. :)

After the movie, which I highly recommend if you are into sci-fi fantasy worlds, we had dinner at Abuelo's. I didn't hold to low carb for this meal. I had two Frozen Sangria's, stuffed chicken medallions, chips with queso and even had Tres Leche Cake for dessert.

I can't regret that day but I do have a renewed determination for 2010. I have scoffed at the whole "New Year's resolution" thing in the past but 2010 seems like a new sparkling beginning with renewed hope and energy. I have been dragging the last few months with no true weight loss and even a bit of a gain but there is no time like now to set things back in motion and put a stop to any backsliding.

2010! I welcome this new year. No matter what it brings I plan to meet it with everything that I have. Strength. Determination. Love. Happiness. (sappy eh? :) but it just feels like a year full of promise)

Happy 2010 everyone.

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