Monday, January 25, 2010

Active weekend - 190

The oddest thing seems to be happening. I think I'm actually becoming addicted to the gym. No, I don't enjoy the 30 minutes of pain as I work out on the bike, but I enjoy the challenge of pushing myself to complete it and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after having completed it.

I did not expect this. I hope it does some good. I did find myself eating larger portions than I should have over the weekend and I know that is my brain's sneaky way of compensating (and sabotaging!!!) for the good I'm trying to do with the exercise. I will be putting that in check and keeping closer watch over how much I consume. I heard from my trainer that 80 percent of weight loss success is wrapped up in nutrition and the other 20 percent is what I do in the gym. Working out does not buy me a free pass to extra portions. Slap slap. I know this.

Back to my first topic, I even felt like I might work out before work as well as after work but Cro warned me against it. He is afraid that I'll burn out if I go that often. He might be right. I just hope the desire to go once a day stays with me for a long while. I can't do much yet, but I meet with my personal trainer Jake Wednesday evening and hopefully he'll open up a new world of equipment and moves that I will then be comfortable to use.

And just so you don't think this is easy ... I feel like there is no way I can complete it at about the 2 minutes mark. I keep going and my leg muscles start to burn and I'm looking at the clock almost constantly. I try to concentrate on reaching my target heart rate to take some focus off of the clock, there is also the mileage tracker and I think about The Biggest Loser show and how they did 11 miles in a little over 30 minutes to win that first challenge. "I can do that" I will tell myself. At the 10 minute mark I tell myself to just get to 20 and that will be a good workout. I finally get to 20 minutes and I push myself to get to 25. At 25 minutes I feel new determination kick in, so close to 30 minutes, I can do this. At 29 minutes I then compare the mileage to The Biggest Loser 11 miles in 31 minutes and know that I am going to reach that no matter what. That speeds me up to try to beat the clock. Once I hit 11 miles a wave of happy accomplishment hits me and I can sit there for a couple of minutes to cool down.

While I'm sitting there cooling down I curse my MS and feel embarrassed that I need to cool off before I try to walk. That's when I experience what I call "rubber band legs". My leg muscles just don't get all the signals that my brain is trying to give them until I cool off enough. Ah well, embarrassed or not I'd rather sit there a couple of minutes than try to walk and fall into someone else's machine. The best is when there are vacant machines on my path to the table so I can hang on to things as needed while I make my way over there and back for a towel to wipe down my exercise bike. That reminds me of a story that mom used to tell about how I, as a baby, was walking when other babies were in the crawling stage. She said I would stand up and walk by holding on to the coffee table and other furniture on the way to where I wanted to go.

Probably TMI but I just want to express that this exercise stuff isn't easy for me even though I feel good accomplishing something. Maybe in a few months I'll be an old pro but right now I'm admittedly an exercise noob!

Dad's potassium was up to 7.4 Saturday night. He tried to explain what medication he needed but the nurses wouldn't give it to him for fear of it giving him diarrhea. He yelled at them and later at the doctor who tried to defend them by saying that they might have been afraid that it would give him diarrhea. He said "You mean to tell me that they would rather allow me to die than have to deal with me having diarrhea?!" Thankfully they gave him the medication (Kayexalate I think) and his potassium is back down to 5-something. It was a huge struggle for him to think clearly when his potassium was in the mid 7's. He was determined to let them know what he needed and said he wrote it on a piece of paper. When he looked at it later (after his potassium was down) he said it looked like the writing of a 3-year old. Of course when his brain is fuddled like that, no one listens to him. That scares me so much. I'm glad mom was with him and I hope they stop changing and neglecting to give him his meds.

Oh, the Colts made it to the Superbowl. I called dad again right after the game because he knew I was excited to watch it and so was he. That was a fun chat. :) My dad is the most intelligent AND congenial person I know.

Dad's potassium level was getting dangerously high again this morning and the nurses told him that the emergency dose of Kayexalate had not been continued. *grrr*. After several hours the doctor (a nephrologist) finally came in and has given dad a double dose of sodium polystyrene sulfonate (that is the generic term for Kayexalate) and his potassium level is starting to go back down. They say that they might release him to go home tomorrow. He has a prescription for whatever drug he needs to keep his potassium down so i don't understand why it was such an issue to give that to him. He'll have to go back in a few weeks to have the new hardware put into his back but I'll be happy to see them let him go home to recover for awhile. Funny (but not funny haha) how he goes into a hospital for one thing and ends up with life threatening complications from something completely different.

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  1. Yikes - sorry about your Dad and the K++


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