Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blah blah Wednesday - 190

I'm starting off the day thinking it will be a boring ol' Wednesday. Better that than a HORRIBLE Wednesday, unless you mean HORRIBLE as in Sammy Terry, who just accepted me as a facebook friend. :D I'm excited, I love Sammy Terry. He was the host of Nightmare Theater, an old program of B-movie scary stuff. Anyway, I was a tot and I loved him. One of the lasting stories that my parents like to tell is about the time I begged and begged to be allowed to stay up to watch the Sammy Terry show. He always started the program by lifting the lid of his coffin and emerging. I lasted up to the moment right after he lifted that coffin lid and did his famous greeting laughter (well worth googling an mp3 to hear it). I ran to my room saying I didn't want to watch anything more!!! Sammy Terry (his name is a clever play on the word Cemetery) scared me before the horror movies had even started!

I went to the gym again last night and only spent 15 minutes on the elliptical before I was ready to leave. The gym is very crowded on Tuesday evenings after work I guess. It was last night. Cro tells me that in his experience gyms are usually the most crowded on Tuesday and Thursday after work. Maybe it will be better tonight. I'd like to get one of the recumbent bikes and force myself to do 5 miles. :)

I have my first of two personal trainer sessions tomorrow after work! Exciting. He is supposed to get me set up on Activ Trax too, which is an online personal trainer that will help me to know what to do each time, allow me to track my progress and give me tutorials on how to use each piece of equipment that the gym has. That will be great because not knowing what the heck I'm doing is what caused me to avoid all of the strength training stuff and just go for a familiar elliptical. I was happy that I tried working out in the cardio theater last night. I want to enjoy the entire gym and not just hole up in one spot each time. So tomorrow is the trainer and then I'll know more about my plan for the next time.

Dad's hemoglobin is up to 11.9 as of yesterday. He thinks they will be sending him home for 2 or 3 weeks while the wound vac and antibiotics continue their assault on that infection. Then they will bring him in to have the titanium hardware put in place around his spine and finally close up the incision (his back is still open ... eek).


  1. Sounds good - the whole gym.
    Good H and H for Dad! (blood)

  2. Good luck with the personal training, Oct!

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad but I'll keep a positive thought for him and you all.

    That's cool about the Facebook/Sammy Terry incident. I never knew of ST but your story reminded me of a fun movie from back in the 80's called Fright Night. Scary and funny too. Any positive reminder of childhood is a good thing, I think.


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