Saturday, January 16, 2010

Checking out gyms! - 187.6

Spoke with dad last night and he is in very good spirits. They have moved him out of the ICU and into his own room. He gets is all to himself because of the MSRA ... I'm sure he'd love to trade that benefit for not having MSRA, but I'm glad they are taking the precaution to keep their other patients from suffering the same problem. They finally were able to get the wound vac in place and have his back wrapped pretty securely in a brace. Now we just have to wait for the infection to subside so they can put the titanium hardware back in around his spine. Mom will be spending the weekend with him and since he didn't mention any further about delirium I'm hoping that she lets me know he is fine (considering).

I went to check out Gold's Gym last night and am in love with the facility. I asked Cro to go with me for a second look. Cro was once a bodybuilder and personal trainer many years ago so he should know if it looks like a good place or not. I'll let you know more about it if I sign up but right now what has me very enthusiastic is that they also have a pool. Having use of a pool with my membership could solve my problem with not being able to exercise long due to the foot drop I experience when my body heats up ... that is from my multiple sclerosis.

Oh, I want to talk lots about the place but I'll make a separate post after our second visit to let you know all the details. For now I will just say that membership is $25 per month and that includes bringing a friend (which would be Cro) ... does that sound reasonable to you guys? I could go for a $20 a month membership but not be allowed to bring a friend and lose a few other little things like tanning and being allowed to use any other Gold's Gym in the country if I travel. I think the difference in price is minimal.


  1. If you like it go for it!
    Less than a buck a day?
    5 bux difference?
    It's got your names written all over it!

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  3. Good to here your father is doing better. The gym sounds like a good deal. Go for it.


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