Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eleven Miles! - 190

Tonight is my personal trainer session at the gym. I'm both excited AND nervous. I don't have much balance due to the MS and also get "foot drop" when I heat up. The foot drop subsides if I cool down for a minutes or two but the balance is permanently fricked up. He assured me in our brief introduction that he even works with people in wheelchairs but that we can discuss things during our first session. That means tonight. He is also supposed to get me set up on the "Active Trax" online workout planning and tracking site with tutorials on how to use the equipment properly. Here is their blurb:

Fitness doesn't have to be confusing! Let our Customized Workouts and our Online Exercise Book take the guesswork out of your getting in shape.

Our revolutionary web-based technology creates customized workouts designed around an individual's fitness goals, experience, and strength, and unlike any other program, uses the equipment available at your health club.

I'm excited about having a way to know what I should be doing at the gym ... so far I've just been sticking to familiar equipment and too shy to venture into unknown territory. Sure I could figure out how to use a piece of strength training equipment on my own, but I don't know how long to use it, how many reps to do, and all that. The trainer and Activ Trax will hopefully be the answer.

And speaking of the gym ... I did eleven miles on the recumbent exercise bike last night. Eleven miles took me 31 minutes to complete. I feel great about that though my right knee is a little achy this morning. No biggy.

My YouBars order arrived yesterday. I bought both low carb protein shake mixes. I had one of the shakes this morning but my own creations with Davinci syrups are much better. I also bought protein bars that are awesome! I'm having one of the protein bars at lunch today.

Here is what I chose to have my protein bars made of. The label in the pic above is my own custom name for this creation. So cool. :D

Organic Peanut ButterProtein Powders:
Whey (Milk) ProteinNuts/Seeds:
Organic Dried AppleSweeteners:
Organic Agave NectarSeasonings:
Organic Galaxy Granola

  • All-One Vitamin Infusion
  • Fiber Infusion
  • Greens Infusion (Spirulina)
  • Stevia

WOOT! I just heard a few minutes ago that the e-newsletter campaign that I told you about before has won Gold at the Mkting Sherpa awards. Happy happy. :) Our web strategist is in Miami today to speak at the conference.

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  1. A YouBar. Incredible.
    And the gym...
    After this first 50+ lb's, I, too am hittin' da gym....


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