Friday, January 8, 2010

4th Christmas - 187.8

Matt and I plan to get together at his place tonight for our Christmas gift exchange. So I was wrapping gifts for a couple of hours again last night. As Matt puts it "Christmas isn't over until we get together". What a sweety. He won't even take down his Christmas tree until we have our little celebration. :) Since the snow was a mess yesterday we decided to decide today whether or not to postpone this until next week. I think it will be okay but I'm awaiting word on how bad his neighborhood streets are before I commit.

I went out to Walgreens last night hoping to pick up some clearance wrapping paper and a Christmas card (I know ... I'm such a procrastinator!) but all they had was one meager shelf with 75% off Christmas candy. No cards and no wrapping paper. Ah well, there were valentine's day cards galore so I picked up one of those and plan to do some edits to make it funny with inside jokes about it being a misprint and actually a Christmas card.

I thought today was going to be an easy work day but I'm now helping out with an emergency project which I hope doesn't keep me late, lol. Oh! And we found out yesterday that one of our email campaigns (design, writing, strategy) has won a Marketing Sherpa award. Very cool. I love winning awards for work that I've been involved in.

I bought a package of Blue Diamond Bold JalapeƱo Smokehouse almonds while at Walgreens last night because I remember one of the bloggers that I read raving about how tasty they are. They ARE AWESOME. Yum. And now they are gone.

LASIK update, a little ghosted today but not bad. I'm still using eyedrops like crazy. Funny but now I'm shopping for glasses ... not to correct my vision but to help keep moisture trapped close to my eyes and to reduce eyestrain in front of the computer. Cool thing is that Cro found a site that makes glasses specifically for graphic designers, "designed specifically for the graphic
designer, video/film editor, or creative visual artist that requires an equally balanced color spectrum." ... the coolest thing about them is this: "creates an ocular microclimate trapping in humidity and blocking out evaporative air currents." The only bad thing is the price ... but I guess it isn't toooo bad.

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